Small Sacrifices

I decided to do some random research again and this time it was on Diane Downs. What lead me to it was seeing on Reddit that Ann Rule died at the age of 83 and it mentioned she wrote Small Sacrifices and I looked it up and saw it was about Diane Downs and I saw a movie was made out of it. So today I decide to look her up and I learn something new. She has a daughter a year older than me and she got pregnant with her during trial and had her ten days after she was sentenced. Of course her daughter was adopted out by the state to a different couple so she never met got to meet her half siblings. But after reading some articles on her, I decide to watch the movie so I check to see it’s on youtube and I find it and it had foreign subtitles but the spoken language was in English. It starred Farrah Fawcett and if the movie was actually accurate about how Diane behaved, I didn’t know she was crazy.That would be my mom’s word. The way she talked and behaved and acted the part she had her fourth child and then she was snatched from her and she didn’t seem to care and the way she dressed while being transported. They said she was a narcissistic and had antisocial personality disorder and she was labeled as a deviant sociopath. I wondered why couldn’t her ex husband take custody of their kids and I got my answer at the end. But I cannot imagine hurting my own children or imagine doing a crime and then wanting all the attention. That to me is crazy. It makes me wonder what she was like during all those years before she killed her daughter and attempted to kill her two others because she was a sociopath. I remember seeing a book about it when I was 15 and I wanted to read it but my aide wouldn’t let me because she thought it would be a bad book for me. What did she think it was going to do to me? Make me think it’s okay to kill your kids if you don’t want them anymore? Even I knew then she was selfish and in 5th grade when I first heard about her killing her kids, I was shocked because I never heard of a parent killing their own children. Now I want to read the book and see how different it is from the movie. The movie fictionalized names except for Diane’s but I know the book didn’t because I remember the names. But her dad believes she is innocent so he has a website up about her trying to prove her innocence and I wonder if narcissists believe their own lies and are they actually that delusional like does Diane really believe some random man shot her kids and think she is really innocent?