Vacation sweepstakes

I won another sweepstakes from a entering I entered months back at our local mall here. It was a trip to Las Vegas, 3 days and 4 nights and a cruise for the same nights and days. But here is a thing, It’s not really free. It sounded like it would be one of those timeshare things because they told me when I get there, I will go to a preview and then be given $200 in dining to use anywhere in the states and I had up to one year to use it and then I will have another two years to do the cruise. Sounds good right? They told me I would have to pay for my own transportation so that means paying for my own airfare and port fees and paying tips and beverages which would be liqueur. Then they wanted a $198.99 vacation deposit and then I will get it back at the preview. I have a problem with paying money upfront so I handed the phone to my husband and he talked to them to let him make the decision. He said we were not interested and that we couldn’t afford it and he just stood there and then he hung up. He told me it was a scam and they wanted $800. What? She told me it was $198.99 and how did the cost change? But my husband said it was a scam and I hate it when people change things like this and not stick with their word and I hate unexpected finances. This is why I don’t really consider this a free trip and it’s misleading and asking for deposits and I don’t even know if I am going to do it or not due to finances and the fact I just used my vacation and I only get one week’s vacation time a year. I don’t know if I get two weeks yet. I would have to check with my boss. My mom gets 12 weeks, I wish I got that much but she had been working as a nurse for 39 years and she got that many vacation weeks and she had been working as a hospice nurse for three years. So of course I will get nervous about unexpected payments for free trips and it having to be now because of my money anxiety and fear of losing it and then regretting it.

I wonder if entering vacation sweepstakes anywhere are all scams because I have to remember and start assuming that every one of them will want money and you will always have to pay your way and they may just be timeshare things they want to sell you and they are just being misleading by calling it a sweepstakes and saying to win a free trip.

I once won another sweepstakes and they also wanted a deposit but I was given a piece of paper when I won and I had to call the number by a certain date and do the deposit but I had forgotten about it and never did it so it expired and I tossed my prize out. It was also where you had to pay your own way down.

Also giving out your card information on the phone, bad idea because it could have been a scam. My husband thinks it was a scam and my Dad said it’s not really one but they just want to sell you things and they have done it a couple times. So maybe it wasn’t a scam but I am never comfortable giving out my card information unless I know who they actually are such as a legitimate company like Best Buy or Allstate or Gamefly or Gamesto, Target, or Paypal but someone can just call you and claim to be from a legitimate company unless you called their number and then that is different. I even saw a movie about it in Wisconsin and I forget the name of it but it’s a new movie and it’s about a woman who scams and she scams this guy who had a high paying job and a college degree and he got scammed by her because she pretended to be from a bank so he gave her his card information and she spent his money and stole his identity and then he was facing charges with the law for something she did using his name so he has to go find her and make her clear his name. I didn’t watch the whole thing because we were on a trip and I didn’t want to stay and watch it wasting our vacation. I could always rent it. But in the movie it was so obvious his identity was stolen and he still didn’t realize it when his credit card company called and when he was being arrested and being told by the officers what his offense was. i said to my husband how can he have a college degree and still not know he was scammed? My husband told me some people are not street smart and I said how can someone with a high IQ not be street smart and he said intelligence and street smart are not the same, then he told me it was a comedy so it was meant to be funny.

When entering sweepstakes, I would expect them to call within a week or so or whenever they do the drawing but I guess with vacation sweepstakes, they will always draw names.

Oh yeah the lady hug up on my husband without saying “Okay thank you and I hope you have a nice day, sorry this wasn’t the right deal for you.” That is one of my pet peeves. I wish they would at least be polite but they have poor social skills so mine are better than theirs. I don’t know why they can’t be polite, how hard is it to say “I hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy (whatever), good bye.”