The big three O day

What is it like having a special needs husband on your birthday? Going out and buying your own presents because his feet hurt too much so he hadn’t gone out.

I wore a girls size 16 skirt and a junior top I have had since I was 16 and it was a red t shirt with a butterfly with a American Flag in it. I wore a Bambino Classico under it and I wet out with our kids while my husband stayed home. We went to Build a Bear workshop and I got a new outfit for my Build a Kitties. I got Frozen pajamas and a pair of slippers and underwear and my son got a scent inserted in his Spiderbear. (It’s a Spiderman edition bear)I also got two Build a Bear cookies. Because I had gotten a complete set of the outfit, I got a Frozen bathrobe for 50 cents because of a promotion they were doing. Then we left and looked in The Disney Store and I let my son get a toy because we wee handed a %25 off coupon on any purchase. Then we went to Gamestop and I found nothing and I let my son go to the play area and had him play for a half hour and he did good leaving when I told him it was time to go and I got two pretzels and a bottle water from Aunt Annie’s for the kids and then we left and headed to the Gamestop across the street and I got Pokemon Rumble Blast, $50 eshop card, Ben 10 Racing, Spongebob Drawn to Life, and Henry Hatsworth Puzzling Adventure. They had a summer sale going on so it was buy 2 get 1 free but it was only for Wii and Nintendo DS games and accessories used. Then we went home and my husband got in the car and he got me a cake and it was Finding Nemo. He also got Smores ice cream and we had it when we got home. I gave the cake toys to my son. My husband put three candles on my cake leaving off the zero and said I was three because I am his little girl. He also cut the cake into four tiny pieces and left the rest because we were going to go out to eat and he didn’t want us to get stuffed with cake so I was only allowed one piece but I was allowed lot of ice cream so I only had three scoops.

My parents got back from Montana today and as my birthday present, they decided they will watch the kids while my husband and I go out and have some time alone so we went to Dave & Busters and had dinner there and I got a free dessert because it was my birthday and we each had our own card so I wouldn’t have another meltdown. We earned over 1,000 tickets and got over 5,000 total so I traded them for Sands Alive toy. Last time they didn’t have good prizes because it was nothing I wanted and their prizes always change so no use saving up for a video game or a game system because it won’t be there by the time I earn enough and who knows how long that would be.

I also played Tomodachi Life at Dave’s & Busters while we waited for our food and Tomodachi Life celebrated my birthday too. I will be uploading the photos to my Twitter. Natalie was there and so was Harry Potter, Dr. Mario, Mario, Christina Aguilera.

I also got carded at Dave’s & Busters because I was ordering a alcoholic drink and that made me feel young. But I didn’t like it because it was too strong for me so I had to sip water every time I had a sip and I decided “memo to myself, don’t purchase another alcohol drink ever again.” It was a waste of money so my husband drank it.

My birthday cake:

My new outfit I got:

What I got with my eshop card was Mario vs Donkey Kong Tripping Stars, the whole Stretchmo bundle, Bird Mania Christmas edition, Bloo Kid 2, Dr. Mario Express, Pickachu background, and Splatoon Background. Now I only have $6.07 left in balance. It took me a while to decide on these games and I decided to get a couple backgrounds too. I also got Mario vs Donkey King tripping Stars for free for the WiiU because they have that promotion, buy Mario vs Donkey King Tripping Stars for either Wiiu or 3DS and get a free download code for the other game. I have no idea why they are doing this so I decided to download it now before it expires and I can always delete the game and re download it later. I just don’t see why anyone would want the same game for both systems. Now to decide that game to get from my wishlist with that balance. I have a bunch of $4.99 games and some are less than that and some are also $5.99 for Picross game series. I always hate it when I can’t make up my mind.

My son loves the Splatoon game because he played it at Gamestop while I was there and it’s a shooting game but it’s with colored ink instead of bullets. I thought you just went around shooting paintballs on walls and things and that looked so boring so why was a huge fuss being made about the game. Another kid helped my son play the game. He looked a little older than my son but I wasn’t sure what age. I was going to rent it from Gamefly anyway but I want to finish Mario & Luigi Dream Team first and I want to see if I can beat Neo Bowser before returning the game.

This evening my husband took my wet diaper off and fucked me and then I had a shower and I am supposed to come back down for a clean diaper after our daughter is a sleep but I haven’t done that yet so I am just naked under my pajamas. My daddy said I needed to air out. My husband also told me a story that my dad asked why there were a bunch of diapers in the garage and my husband said they were mine and he said “okay” and said nothing else. They were Molicare Super Plus, my husband’s and he didn’t want my ad to know they were his so he passed them off as mine.

Oh yeah my uncle died on Tuesday afternoon and my mom cried because it was sad and she was there when he died and my dad had just walked into the room when he took his last breath. They called the nurse, my aunt and uncle, and the funeral home and left before they came for the body. He had natural causes cancer. It got all over in his body and he didn’t find out about it until last week. He had been in pain and went to doctors about it and none of them could find anything wrong and then he found out he had cancer and didn’t go in until he got too weak so he called the ambulance because he couldn’t take care of himself and then he had to be flown to Missoula and died four days later. My mom guessed it started in January and it spread fast. Then she and my dad had to clean out his home and go through his stuff. My mom had cancer too a few years ago but she lived and is okay now and they caught it in time and it started slowly. My mom just mistook her tiredness for working too hard and doctors would have told her she needed to rest and relax if she had went in for her tiredness in 2009.

Now I am going to head to the basement to get a diaper on.

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  1. I am mike 32 i wear diapers now for 2 years 24/7 it took me very long to lose control but thankfully i now have lost complete bladder control (few weeks ago i was out of diapers for a half day a wet my pants the whole time even i public, i couldn’t control it) as for pooping i usually go to bed when i need to poop and i wake up after laying in poopy diaper for hours i sometimes wake up in middle of pooping (but not always), i anyway dont get out of bed to change till the morning. During the day i still have control but i often find myself pooping in middle of anything!

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