The big three O

My husband always gets offended whenever I say I am getting old or that I will be an old woman when I hit that big three zero because he is ten years older than me. I remember when Danny was feeling down in that episode of Full House because he was about to turn that age too. I am feeling like him. I don’t wanna get old. Twenties means being young, thirties means getting older and then it will keep on happening so that means your skin will shrivel up and you lose color in your hair and you no longer pass off as a young adult or a teenager.

I’m getting old. Old I tell you. My son asked me the other week what number I am (how old are you?) and I said “Old. I will be the big three zero this month.” No wonder it’s rude to ask adults how old they are. No one wants to be reminded how old they are getting. I wish the fountain of youth did exist, then I wouldn’t have to worry about getting old.