My pet peeves for bloggers

1. Posting too many blog entries a day. This floods up my Reader making it hard for me to scroll to see other blog entries others have possibly made and it outdoes those who don’t make many a day or none at all and when they do make one, your blog posts outruns them and I don’t even see them. I unfollowed two blogs for this, nothing personal.

2. Getting defensive in your response when someone doesn’t agree with you or shares a different perspective. I just simply stop reading your blog when I see this and there was one blog I enjoyed reading and I stopped reading it when he gave me a defensive response and assumed I didn’t like his blog and thought I was leaving him negative comments.

3. Not having any archives on your blog. This makes it so hard for me to view all your posts and I am more likely to not even bother with your blog because I am forced to see all your posts from recent to old and what happens if I leave the page, then I am going to have to start all over again to get to the part I left off.

4. Hiding behind the screen. I don’t have a problem with anyone leaving me comments who are anonymous or not logged in but my issue is people who leave hateful comments and trollish ones and don’t even bother to use a proper internet name so instead they post under the names like “whatever” or “N/A” and start accusing me of things that are not true because they are clearly illiterate and if you don’t like my blog why do you continue reading it? Which is why I have comments turned off to people who don’t have WP accounts. It’s sad I had to sacrifice others leaving me comments who don’t have WP accounts because of one person. But what they probably don’t know is I can see their email and their location thanks to their IP so I know it’s the same person. Really, if anyone can’t be bothered to show who they are so they must go anonymous to leave such comments, they mean nothing to me and it tells me you are just on here to troll, congratulations for making this blog post. No I don’t mean posting your real name, I don’t expect anyone to post their real names online when they make comments. Maybe some day I will grow a thicker skin and turn all comments back on again and be ready for more anonymous comments that are hateful and just simply ignore them and not let it bother me.

I don’t have that many pet peeves because lot of things don’t other me that bother others or because I have not witnessed it yet.

14 thoughts on “My pet peeves for bloggers

  1. I’m right there with you on the pet peeves. Five to twenty posts back to back drive me insane. I don’t understand the motivation to hog up the feeds like that.

    • I don’t think they mean to do that because it’s not their job to accommodate their followers. There is no option for us to filter our followers and decide how we want their posts to show like instead of showing every post they made, show us how many they made and allow us to click what ones we want to view. We are allowed to have emails from WP to tell us they have made a new entry or just not get any email notifications at all.

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