“Shhhh your dad can hear you.”

I came home from my group and my husband was in the living room watching some talk show with my father. I sat on my husband’s lap and he held me on his lap. I said hi and said his name than calling him daddy and he rocked me and I started whispering to him saying can he feel my diaper, can he feel it’s wet, etc. and my husband whispered “Shh your dad can head you.” I told him I was whispering so he told me I was doing it loudly and my father can hear my words because he looked. I felt embarrassed and shut my mouth. Then I resumed when he got up and left the room. My husband told me he could tell I was wet and he can feel it on his lap. Then he whispered “Go get a diaper little girl and go downstairs” and I said I didn’t want to waste a diaper and I am going to shower anyway. He asked me if I was saying no and I said yes. I have to be more careful next time when I whisper, next time I will get in my husband’s ear. I guess I was caught with my lifestyle but I hope my husband is wrong and my dad didn’t really hear me.