Broken promises

Things in life are rarely black and white. I promised my husband I would take him to get him his medicine for our trip but I had forgotten about it until today when my husband told me he had to get his medicine and I needed to take him. It was late in the date past one and he didn’t tell me sooner and all morning I had been busy getting ready for the trip with my mother helping me. We went to Big Lots and we got airplane food and then we went to The Dollar Tree and I got three work books, a magnet doodle, and some lunch meat and cheese slices for the plane ride. Then I dropped my mom off at my dad’s car where she left it from last night. Then when she came home we went through my clothes to see what to bring and what stays and I decided I had too many shirts so I left them out. I also packed all my Tena North American diapers in the suitcase that came from the 12 pack I had. I decided I would rather buy a pack out there and it could be from Walgreens or if we find a medical supply store. Then my mom decided I needed new bras because the ones I had were too big so she took me to Ross and we picked out bras and I tried them on and I was a 34C cup now so I got a new sports bra and two new bras and a water bottle with a straw for my son for the trip. Then we came home and my husband expected me to take him to the pharmacy for his meds but I had no time anymore because of where it’s located and traffic and I don’t want to be late for work and I was busy getting ready for the trip. I also realized I was hungry so I had to cook something and feed my son. My parents went to get their medicine for their trip.

Can you imagine if my husband was black and white so to him a promise was a promise, I would have had anxiety and a meltdown because of the trip tomorrow and the plane takes off at 5:20 am so we have to be there no later than 3:30 am and I want to leave here around 2:30 am and he didn’t accept that this needed to be done and that I was busy and didn’t have time because I had forgotten and he didn’t remind me. I know promises get broken sometimes because shit happens and my mom had decided to get me some bras and I had forgotten about the medicine. I did apologize to him about it and told him I had forgotten and he wasn’t mad. I think we were supposed to do it yesterday and we had forgotten about it and then again today. I had forgotten about it totally until he said something about it. All day today I had been busy with tomorrow and I did a little bit of cleaning when I got home. Then I have more work to do when I get home. Put our chargers in our bags and my Nook and our Nintendo 3DS and this computer. I never like packing those too soon and I am charging the LeapPad and the Nintendo 3DSs and my Nook and my phone. I still have to figure out more of my daughter’s toys. I still have to empty out the diaper bucket and the trash can in the bathroom and empty out my car trunk. I better get back to work.