My bedroom became the huge toilet for my brother’s Shih Tzu

I came home and I was looking at the recorded shows on my TV to see if Dr. Phil was on and then I noticed a wet spot on the floor. I thought it was water at first and then I decided to clean it up so I grab a hand towel and start wiping it up and I realize it’s a different color so I assumed it was juice and my son had spilled it. But I touch it and put it to my face and realized it was dog piss because it smelled terrible. I grabbed a bath towel and wiped it up and I got it wet too to clean it up and it smelled terribly. I told my parents about it and he decided that dog stays outside now. It even left a white spot on my floor and then my whole room smelled of dog urine so I opened the window and sprayed my room. Then my hand smelled my like urine despite washing it with soap. The bathroom smelled like dog urine too and I didn’t know why. Then I decided to use dish soap to see if I can get rid of the smell so I got another hand towel wet and put dish soap on it and scrubbed my floor with it where he peed. Then I dumped it down the shoot and then I discovered the hand towel was still in the bathroom I used before to clean it up so I dumped that down the chute too. Then I went in the basement and put in the whites and it smelled like dog urine down there too so I did some laundry to get rid of the smell. I am never letting that dog in my room again and I am keeping my door closed just in case he runs inside and escapes our kitchen. I can still smelled that urine smell in my hand.