“No you cannot go out there like that.”

My mom treated me like a child. I was about to drop a letter off in the mail box that got sent to us on accident and no one has put it back in the mail box yet. I had on my pajama bottoms and a sports bra and I pulled my pants up to cover my diaper and I opened the door and my mom asks me “where are you going?” and I show her the letter and tell her I am putting it in the mail box. She then says “No you are not going out there like that, you’re not even dressed and you are in your pajamas and your diaper is showing and you don’t have a shirt on.” I say “I thought I had them covered and this is a sports bra.” “No you are not going out there like that and I’m sorry but I have to go against you this time and I won’t let you go out there like that, in our backyard it’s fine but not out there.” I didn’t put the letter in the mailbox after all and I realized when I came up the stairs that the back of my diaper was clearly visible. I guess she saved me from the humiliation. I ended up putting on a shirt.