Disgusting thing you have to do as a parent, cleaning up vomit

We did not go see my niece graduate because we did not have tickets. So we went to the barbecue instead and it was over 90 degrees out and I had air on in the car. But on the way our son threw up and he said Sissy threw up too. My husband and I thought he was fibbing so we ignored it. Then we stopped at a McDonalds and my husband took him inside to get him cleaned up and we both saw Sissy did throw up and she made a big mess. So I had to clean up my computer my son got some puke on and then my husband came back out and he took care of the car seats while I went inside with Sissy and cleaned her up. My husband nearly vomited because of the smell. Then we strapped the kids back in and went to the barbecue and we were nearly an hour late. My son had no clean clothes so he ended up with a bunch of clean clothes because we stopped at a yard sale and my husband bought some pants and shirts that were too big for him but he still wore one of the shirts. Our daughter was just naked and once we got there, I cleaned the car seats. I took them out and washed them by thee house and used laundry soap and a sponge and scrubbed the seats where there was puke and I also scrubbed the straps and sprayed the seats and left them to dry out in the sun. It was so hot out so I took advantage of the heat. Then the car seats looked good as new. Just my daughter’s, not the other one. But my daughter’s was still wet when we left and she cried when my husband put her in it but he told her it will help keep her cool. She cried while she was there because she was hot and they have no AC. I stayed inside mostly and I had a hot dog, hamburger, macaroni salad, cheese, and sparkling grape juice and it made me gain two pounds. I also had sweets too all day. We left our son behind because he wanted to stay there. He will be back today.


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