“No you cannot go out there like that.”

My mom treated me like a child. I was about to drop a letter off in the mail box that got sent to us on accident and no one has put it back in the mail box yet. I had on my pajama bottoms and a sports bra and I pulled my pants up to cover my diaper and I opened the door and my mom asks me “where are you going?” and I show her the letter and tell her I am putting it in the mail box. She then says “No you are not going out there like that, you’re not even dressed and you are in your pajamas and your diaper is showing and you don’t have a shirt on.” I say “I thought I had them covered and this is a sports bra.” “No you are not going out there like that and I’m sorry but I have to go against you this time and I won’t let you go out there like that, in our backyard it’s fine but not out there.” I didn’t put the letter in the mailbox after all and I realized when I came up the stairs that the back of my diaper was clearly visible. I guess she saved me from the humiliation. I ended up putting on a shirt.

Good find at Goodwill

My husband and I went out and it was just us and our daughter, not son because he was still with his grandparents and aunt. We had to go to Goodwill to get a nice outfit for our son for the upcoming wedding we’re going to. I also looked in the back and saw they had Molicare Super Plus but they were the wrong size. But they were in my husband’s size so I grabbed two packs and showed them to him and he said yes to them so I stuck them under the cart. We also got other things, I found keychains that were ever opened, they were the Etch and Sketch, 8 ball, view master, and colorforms. I hadn’t seen those keychains in a while. I had a few of them but I am not sure what I did with them. Don’t you love it when things get lost when you move?

I also found a Wii remote and my husband found a speaker for his phone and then we paid and went to Salvation Army and got a few stuff. Mostly toys for our kids, pillow pets, playing cards Avengers edition, and some Spiderman toy. I also got him a Spiderman doll. We also hit a few garage sales and we went home to eat and I had to change my daughter because she made a mess and my husband unloaded the car. Then we left again and I returned the movies to Redbox and got a sweet tea and we looked at some yard sales and got a robot, a tiny TV set but the VCR doesn’t work because it jams and spits the tape back out, oh well we can use it for video games, I got a table set for my computer so I can use it in the chair or on my bed so it’s not on my lap and I have been using my dresser for my computer. The other table broke so I threw it out. We also stopped at Goodwill again and I got six more packs of those diapers and it was 24 bucks total we spent on 8 packs. You don’t often find a good brand at Goodwill. You will only find cheap brands and they had a bunch of them there and Molicare Super Plus. Also the speaker works so my husband has been playing music from his phone on it. Also the Wii remote works. I have changed him into his second one already. He thinks they’re thin but they held a lot because he peed in it four times and then I changed it and it was all bunched up. I put one on him for the first time before we left again so we could see if they fit before we bought more. He has lost 15 pounds and has lost more weight in the past so it’s easier to put diapers on him and it’s more enjoyable. Now I am thinking about getting rid of the crappy diapers we have for him. I am thinking about doing a yard sale this summer, we have a bunch of stuff to get rid of. I tossed my Shopko diapers in the garage because they suck and I want to get rid of them at the yard sale. I might get rid of some cloth diapers too for free, just the torn ones.

Disgusting thing you have to do as a parent, cleaning up vomit

We did not go see my niece graduate because we did not have tickets. So we went to the barbecue instead and it was over 90 degrees out and I had air on in the car. But on the way our son threw up and he said Sissy threw up too. My husband and I thought he was fibbing so we ignored it. Then we stopped at a McDonalds and my husband took him inside to get him cleaned up and we both saw Sissy did throw up and she made a big mess. So I had to clean up my computer my son got some puke on and then my husband came back out and he took care of the car seats while I went inside with Sissy and cleaned her up. My husband nearly vomited because of the smell. Then we strapped the kids back in and went to the barbecue and we were nearly an hour late. My son had no clean clothes so he ended up with a bunch of clean clothes because we stopped at a yard sale and my husband bought some pants and shirts that were too big for him but he still wore one of the shirts. Our daughter was just naked and once we got there, I cleaned the car seats. I took them out and washed them by thee house and used laundry soap and a sponge and scrubbed the seats where there was puke and I also scrubbed the straps and sprayed the seats and left them to dry out in the sun. It was so hot out so I took advantage of the heat. Then the car seats looked good as new. Just my daughter’s, not the other one. But my daughter’s was still wet when we left and she cried when my husband put her in it but he told her it will help keep her cool. She cried while she was there because she was hot and they have no AC. I stayed inside mostly and I had a hot dog, hamburger, macaroni salad, cheese, and sparkling grape juice and it made me gain two pounds. I also had sweets too all day. We left our son behind because he wanted to stay there. He will be back today.