My son’s meeting

I had a meeting at my son’s school on Tuesday after it ended. It was about how he is doing and what progress he has made. I had to bring my daughter with because both my parents were gone and my husband was sleeping with his new machine. Right when I got there, the first thing I said was “I have to change her first, she pooped” so I went to the back and changed her and threw the diaper away in the kitchen and then put her down in my son’s classroom. My son has improved a lot in his language but his grammar still needs work and he can speak clearly now. He will also follow directions and simple steps. He still has a hard time transitioning so they will give him an advanced warning. He shows some issues with sensory like getting over stimulated and he will hold a pencil wrong, he also has some issues with gross and motor and has some social issues like he will not look at the person who is speaking to him and he may walk away or turn his attention to another person or activity. If his topic is not his interest, he will not engage in it. Lot of stuff about him reminds me of me from when I was a kid except he doesn’t have Asperger’s nor is he on the spectrum. He also has a hard time with waiting so I avoid waiting in long lines and he hates to sit still and gets bored so easily which is why I don’t like taking him out often. But he does the same things all the time at home and it could be with watching youtube or playing on his 3DS. But he has been doing a lot better in school with two teachers that come in. They both alternate so it’s only one of them each week.


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