I hurt my mother

Yes you read that right, I hurt my mother but it was an accident. I was in y son’s bed laying down with my daughter when I heard pounding. I ignored it and then I was wondering who is pounding on the door, no one had locked it. Was it my brother? Then I heard my mother shouting in the garage and Dad and I left the bedrooms we were in and she kept on pounding and I opened the door and there was my mother on the ground and she was crying. She said she fell and I didn’t know what to do. Do we call 911? Do we call for help? But my dad came and took over and she said she hurt her back and she slipped because shoes were left in front of the door. dad helped her up and I want back upstairs feeling guilty. I had taken my shoes off last night and left them in front of the door. Mom had always told us to not leave them in front of the door or someone could trip over them. I just thought “look where you are stepping when you go out.” My mom had to call in sick and her back is bruising badly and she also cut her elbow and it was so swollen she couldn’t see her bone and a bruise eventually showed up above her butt and she won;t be able to work tomorrow either. It wasn’t just me who hurt her, my dad hurt her too because his shoes were also left in front of the door. My husband knew what to do about it so when we went out to eat, we stopped at the store and my husband got a heating and cold pad for her and some pain medicine. He had me bring it up to her when we got home and tell her my sorry. Mom says it wasn’t my fault or my dad’s but I still feel it was because I left the shoes in front of the door. Mom told me now I know why it’s dangerous to leave shoes in front of the door.


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