I hate Malware

Every time I use google images, I am more likely to get Malware when I look up any celebrity or adult diapers. But I have Malware Bytes on my system and I run it every time my computer runs slow and acts up. Tonight I had to reset my computer because my mouse quite working and the headphones and I had to close out of everything and I accidentally did shut down instead of restart so it froze as it was shutting down so I had to force it to shut off. Then I turned it back on and it started as new and I ran the program and it found the Malware and put them in quarantine and it was all from today. It must have happened when I was looking up Abena M4 diapers to see if there was a difference between M4 and x plus. My diapers don’t say xplus like some others did I saw in the photos. I sometimes miss the year 2000 when you didn’t get viruses or Malware and you could go on websites and not get viruses. That started when I was about 16. but I do remember the days of pop ups and those were always annoying. But now these days we have ad blockers and browsers have them and now we do ads now than pop ups. Ads are annoying because of viruses and you could accidentally click it.

I sometimes hate computers too because they wear out so fast and you need a new one every three or four years. I have had this one for four and it was a Christmas present and I got it around the time I had my son. One of the buttons doesn’t work for my touch mouse pad so I use the mouse I plug into my computer and speakers no longer work so I have to use headphones and we could never get it fixed or the mouse button. But sometimes it works and then it doesn’t and I have to really slam on the button to get it to click and that is annoying which is why I use the mouse. The portable CD rom doesn’t work either and either the thing is busted or the computer no longer recognizes it. I don’t play computer games anyway or listen to my CDs on here but that means I can’t download any programs on here that require you to insert a disc. But I never have had to do that either. Also Malware and viruses are also reasons why I hate computers.


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