Abena M4

I have been wearing Abena M4 since yesterday and they are thinner than I realized. They must have changed it. They don’t seem like thick diapers at all but they still hold well. They have not leaked on me yet but they do sag terribly and they got bunched up badly in the middle I had to change at the bookstore because it was so uncomfortable. Then I wore a generic brand diaper and then I wore it home and changed into another Abena and so far this had held out good, no bunching up and I have been peeing a lot. I have been drinking water because I am thirsty. Then I pooped in it and then peed a little. I would have to change before work and change into another Abena.

My husband decided to take us out to lunch because we got paid so I had to get dressed. While my husband got our son ready, I got changed and I did leak when I peed again because I peed again. Then I wrapped the diaper up and got a clean diaper on and got dressed.


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