Majora’s Mask, the differences

I have been playing the game for my 3DS and so has my son. All he does is run around Clock Town and then the moon falls and he starts over wandering Clock Town. I have noticed the changes in the game and so far I have seen:

The bomber kids hide in different locations
You get the notebook from the mask kid instead of from one of the bomber boys
You get to save the game any time and when you go back to day 1, you have to save manually.
The bank is located behind the clock tower instead of in the west of Clock Town
You can do the events on any day
It’s so much easier to see when it’s dark in the game
Not all of the water is poisoned in the swamp area
You learn song of soaring in a different location than in the swamp area
You meet the owl in this game like you did in Ocarina of Time
There is fishing in the game in the swamp area
The first prize you win on day one in the Deku Playground is a fishing permit
The Woodfall Temple boss is a lot easier to beat
When you travel forward in time, you pick the time of day and night you want to travel too
The whole game seems easier to play than in the N64 version
One of the fairies is in a different location in Woodfall Temple
The owl statues are different and you press A to activate it than slashing at it

So far I have defeated the Woodfall boss and got the pig mask and the bunny hood on the final day. I had to get the bunny hood to get the other mask from the Deku Mayor. I could remember how hard it was to go through it because she went too fast and I kept falling behind and I don’t think I used a bunny hood then and I had a hard time seeing because it was too dark so my brother had to do that part for me because I was having anxiety and it was past my shower time and I had school the following day and I didn’t want to do the boss over and run out of time because of the 72 hour clock. I didn’t know at the time I could slow down time. This is why this game was soo annoying yo play and very difficult. But now they have made the game easier to play and it took them three years for the remake, with the original it only took them a year. I also have six hearts already too. I have been focusing on lot of side quests. That is the only way to get heart pieces or otherwise you will have seven total if you did no side quests for heart pieces. Now I am going to be doing more side quests to collect more masks and heart pieces.


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