Dumb people logic of reading between the lines

Everyone reads between the lines, we’re all human so we will all read into things that are not there. I have seen this happen on autism forums too so all the us vs normie crap is bull. I was in a thread on one of the forums and it was about people misreading your tone. It’s more common online because of lack of body language and that happens to everyone. But someone wrote how their mom had narcissistic personality disorder so she has to be careful what she says to her and how she says it because she gets defensive a lot. I could relate to that part with Jerry so I told my part about when I was with my ex relating to her story. I wrote either he was an asshole or had narcissism traits and it was like I had to be careful what I also said. I also had to keep my feelings bottled up or he will get mad.

I posted my two examples about the times he twisted what I said by taking things I say the wrong way and I used the mac and cheese incident as I told in Was my Ex a Narcissist blog. The next example I used was about the time he was fixing my car and he called me and told me bad news, a part on my car broke. I asked him if he broke it and he told me he was fixing it and he noticed one of the fans had missing parts to it so it was busted. Later her told me how I accused him of breaking it so it hurt his feelings. I told him I never said he broke it and he said I asked him if he did or not. It was like anything I said meant something else to him and he would add to what I say or read into what I said that were not there. But he was never in the center of attention.

Then someone responded to the mac and cheese part telling me she thinks that is normal and logical for him to interpret it like that. Then another person jumped in saying she was thinking the same and talked about her ex being mentally abusive and used the example of when she was eating chips which she rarely did and he asked her if she wanted to go for a walk with him but then added she can work off those chips she just ate.

Okay this is how people have always talked to me, telling me something has too many calories, my husband telling me having sex will burn extra calories and sometimes he will tell me I can work off whatever I just had. One time at one of my autism groups, there weren’t much snacks for us to have so I said we didn’t need all those calories anyway. I have always said about my son he always burns off his food and burns all his energy by being active and hyper. I never ever thought I was being called fat when people would talk about calories. So I guess I called myself fat and everyone else at the group fat and I guess I have been calling my son fat all this time. I guess next time my husband tell me to burn off some food I just had or how I will burn it all off during sex, I will tell him he just called me fat just to tease him.

But why didn’t anyone ever tell me that telling someone they can work off those calories or that is less calories for them to have is implying they’re fat. Even one of my online friends told me my ex was just nuts when he read that blog entry. I guess if anyone wants to insult me about my weight and not have me know, all they have to do is tell me about calories and working them off and I wouldn’t even know they’re calling me fat.


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