Poopy diaper

I finally did a messy diaper in a while it feels like. I came home and I felt the urge to poop while I was sorting through my Build a Bear items and I pushed and some came out. Later I felt more coming so I stood up and pushed more out and felt it spread through my diaper. I also peed in it two more times and felt it go to the front. I wore plastic pants over them just in case they leaked. I wore it for the rest of the day. My dad and son noticed the smell and I blamed it on farts. Majora’s Mask from Gamefly came so I started playing it after I fed my daughter. My son watched me play it while my daughter played. Then after I got my Ocarina back, I saved the game and took my shower. I handed our daughter to my husband of course and I put the game in my son’s 3DS system and got his own file started. He had been asking me all this time if he could play it and I kept telling him no because it will be too hard for him. I gave in and decided to let him play anyway. He will see. I grabbed a clean diaper and headed to the bathroom and got undressed. Then I took off my diaper and this is what it looked like with two poops I did:

It was also over my butt and pussy (sorry, I didn’t take any photos) and I rolled the diaper up and put it in the bucket and got in the shower and washed the crap off. I even shit off about two pounds because I weighed myself and I was down to 126. I was 127.8 this morning and then it was 126.2. But then I had Velveeta mac and cheese. I tried to share with my son but he didn’t want any.

My messes are usually not this big unless I haven’t pooped in days. Then my body decides to have a big one after I have been doing tiny BMs. I have taken a stool softeners a few times but not every day.