Diaper absorption variation

Molicare Super Plus are good diapers so they will never leak and will hold a lot. But I have had a batch where they kept leaking on me and didn’t have that many pees in them so they would leak before they should have so I either peed more than I realized or it was just a bad batch I have so they are not holding as much. But that is what happened with the last case and when I got Bambinos and they hold well but sometimes they will also leak on me too and I had a wet spot below my buttock and it was a wet circle but might not be noticeable. So I had to change.

Here is what the diaper looked like when it leaked and how wet it was:

An online friend asked me if I could start posting photos of my used diapers and I asked what ones and he said both so here is one of them:

This is how wet the inside of the diaper was.

Here it is all rolled up ready to be thrown away:

Here is where all the used diapers go:

My cloth ones used to go in there too and it was exclusively for cloth only until I had to switch to disposables full time

And here is me wearing the diaper under my child looking outfit:

I would do side and back images but then I look fat in them and I still have body image issues (where I still feel I am fat and look fat) and it’s tough taking selfies without showing too much detail or my face. The pants I have on are girls size 18 and the top is Juniors 1X.