Out of diapers

Today was the first time we ever ran out of diapers. I thought my husband had some in the basement because he told me he brought down one of the packs. I used the last diaper this morning and then I thought she was poopy when I decided to put her down for a nap. She was fussing. I grabbed the wipes and headed to the basement to change her and she had none left so I left her with him and went to the store to get more diapers. I also got two candy bars. One for me and one for my son. I come home and change her and she was only wet so she must have only farted. I changed her anywhere and it’s not like I wasted my time going and getting diapers, we were out of them anyway so at least I got some now before she was leaking or had a blow out and then finding out she had none. Now I know how parents run out of diapers and not buy more when they are low. They think they have another pack somewhere but they don’t because they don’t realize their partner had used them all too. It feels like we had just gotten some too and we’re already out.

Then I put my girl down for her nap and gave her a bottle and then it was time to get my son from school.