It’s sale time again

Bambino Diapers is doing another sale and their sale ends today. I bought another case of Classicos and I also bought a case of Abena M4s this time so that added to the total of $122 something dollars. I am still on my second case of Classicos and I decided every time they do a sale, I will order another case of them. I wonder if this is how people get stocked up on diapers. I always think it’s crazy when people have different diaper stashes and they have more than they need. This is the only time I can afford printed diapers because the rest are too expensive.

I was supposed to buy Bellissimos from a user on ADISC for $70 (good deal) and he sent me a PM on Friday asking about Paypal because it’s the safetest way to pay and he never responded. It said he hadn’t been back since that day and c’mon people, if you are going to sell some diapers, don’t leave a thread about it and then run and not respond, this is a huge pet peeve of mine. But anyway I am no longer interested in the diapers because I had bought some already from the website and I didn’t wan to miss this sale.

The sale ends today at 11:59PM Pacific Time so get in there and buy some at discounted price.


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