My husband was able to get another appointment scheduled for his sleep apnea. It will be on the 2nd but that is when my son has school and I have to be there when it ends because I have an appointment with his teachers about his progress. He has been doing very well and no more behavior issues. He still gets his moments. What kid doesn’t?

My husband’s appointment is five minutes before my son’s school starts so he got overbooked. He can’t drive so I always have to take him and I will try and see if my mom or dad can watch my son and take him to school but my husband said I could take him and drop him off and he can just wait for his appointment there. That would mean the kids would have to come with and get up early unless my parents watch them until I get back.

It’s been marked on the calender so hopefully we won’t forget this one. I will still be bringing ear plugs along just in case.


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