My husband was able to get another appointment scheduled for his sleep apnea. It will be on the 2nd but that is when my son has school and I have to be there when it ends because I have an appointment with his teachers about his progress. He has been doing very well and no more behavior issues. He still gets his moments. What kid doesn’t?

My husband’s appointment is five minutes before my son’s school starts so he got overbooked. He can’t drive so I always have to take him and I will try and see if my mom or dad can watch my son and take him to school but my husband said I could take him and drop him off and he can just wait for his appointment there. That would mean the kids would have to come with and get up early unless my parents watch them until I get back.

It’s been marked on the calender so hopefully we won’t forget this one. I will still be bringing ear plugs along just in case.

Deliberate obtuse people or serious comprehension issues

Sometimes I will run into an “idiot” online who will take what I say out of context and exaggerate what I say or twist it or make up what I say. I used to get suckered into their arguments and I would be getting frustrated trying to get through to them what I am saying and they keep on twisting it more and more and I am arguing with them about things I never even said. I used to think they were idiots and here I was wasting my time arguing with them and fighting and I am getting myself all riled up. These are what I call trolls.

Then I decided I had enough and I now ignore them by not feeding them anymore. It’s fine to disagree what I wrote and then say your argument telling me why but don’t make stuff up what I wrote or otherwise we are done talking. That is a quickest way to kill the discussion and end it.

Sometimes people will read this blog and make stuff up what they read and I have already gotten hate comments about it, only here once from one person and from someone on Reddit.

I used to waste my time arguing with a former online friend on a AB/DL forum and he would always twist what I say or not read what I wrote and then finally I decided he was just trolling me and I stopped feeding him because I realized he couldn’t really be this stupid. We couldn’t get along and it was like no matter what I said to him, he would always turn it around and it would turn into an argument and one forum admin said to the both of us we both act like we were formally married and he said thank god he wasn’t or he would have put a pistol to his head.

A couple people have done this BS to me on ADISC and I recently ran into this again on Wrongplanet and the person still continues to play dumb.

If these people aren’t trolling, then they have a serious reading comprehension issue. I will get snarky sometimes and tell them they can’t read or go back to school and learn to understand English better.

If English isn’t their primary language I give them the benefit of the doubt. Actually that is what I did with someone online but he turned out to be very manipulative and he was someone from Holland. His original language was Dutch so whenever he would accuse me of me saying things, I always assumed it was a misunderstanding and he had mistranslated my words. I realized afterwards when I had blocked him that he was manipulative because I read through our texts and saw I never said things he claimed I said and it was all games he was playing and he was just messing with my head and I think him throwing a tantrum because I wouldn’t be his mommy was his manipulative tactic to feel sorry and be his mommy so it backfired because I had blocked him. He said he didn’t want to talk and he was taking me off his list but here he was still talking to me and he just wanted to fight and argue so I blocked him and blocked him on Facebook. He would leave creepy comments on my wall anyway and mention AB/D: related things by saying “his mommy came back” and I would delete it. He had said before he was taking me off his friends list and he would still be on my Facebook and then he would IM me again and I would ask him “I thought you were taking me off your friends?” and he would tell me “You’re my friend and a good person, I don;t stay mad at you long.” I wonder if that was another tactic he was doing so that would explain why he would come back. Then he got nasty one day so I blocked him. My therapist did telling me in high school people will try and manipulate you in a positive way and when they don’t get what they want, then they do it the negative way. But yeah I was naive and fell for it until after it had happened and I had already blocked him. And this guy here was my friend and we had known each other since I was 18 so sometimes you don’t know someone so it’s easy for them to manipulate you because you trust them. After all your own friend would never manipulate you and play games. No wonder this man has lost his mommy a couple times already and he wouldn’t know they would block him, he would just think they stopped coming online and I have blocked him and he probably doesn’t know I have also blocked him so I don’t think he will try and find me by making another Facebook account or creating a new yahoo ID and I never take any new add requests when someone adds my name unless they say who they are like what forum they are from or what website they saw me on so that way I know they are not some bot. But you can still IM someone on Yahoo Messenger without being on their friends list.

Back on topic, I do think you can be a regular member on a forum and still be a troll. It can be sometimes or to certain people and sometimes you can make a trollish post but still make other regular posts. Some people just like to argue and not shut up until you stop talking to them so they will twist your words and exaggerate what you say and they can deny their actions and pretend they don’t know what you are talking about when you call them out on it and pretend they don’t really know what you are saying. Pay no attention to these people folks. If they are genuine, then they have a serious reading issue and there is still no point trying to get through to these people. Save your sanity and move on and drop it.

Note: People who have strong feelings about a topic or suffer trauma may also do this too but that wouldn’t mean they are trolling. I still wouldn’t waste my time with them though.