This was a new term I just learned from an online friend who I talk to from Sweden. I like to write so we have been chatting about my stories for two years, sometimes we talk about other things but it’s mostly about my story. I always get ideas in my head about them and lately I notice I have been drifting into fantasies than reality about my character. Just lately I got an idea in my head that her mom in law and her sister in law decide to start changing her diapers because she tends to not change them after she messes them. So they decide if she won’t do it, they will and she finds it so humiliating they want to do it for her and they won’t take no for an answer. Her husband is fine with that. She also has an adult sized crib too and that helps with her anxiety because he said she seems calmer now. Now I get an idea in my head about her mom in law finds an adult sized stroller at a charity shop so she buys it and shows it to Natalie when she comes to visit. Natalie doesn’t like it and protests and Pam tells her to stay with them then. I imagined a scene like this:

“Natalie, I was at a charity store and I found something, I want to show you,” said Pam.
I followed her to her garage and she showed me the item. It was some chair and Pam opened it and I realized it was an adult sized push chair. “What is that?” I asked.
“It’s a push chair. I got it for you.”
“What?” I asked. “Are you kidding?”
“No I am serious, this will be something we could use when we all go out and so we won’t lose you. We get separated too often and we always have to go looking for you.”
“I am not using that, that will make me look like a retard.”
“Okay, just stop getting separated from us or how about you start bringing your phone so we can call you whenever we get separated because we all get tired of having to look for you because you never tell us where you are going and you get too distracted.”
“Okay,” I said.
“Sounds good,” said Pam. “I will just hang onto this just in case.”
Pam closed the push chair again and set it against the wall. I couldn’t believe she got it for me and it felt so humiliating. There was no way I was going to ride in that thing in public. First everyone starts changing my nappy and now she wanted me to be in a push chair?

I asked my friend what he thought of it and if he thinks this is over the top or reverse psychology. He asked me if I had ever heard of feeders. They try to make their partner gain weight. He sort of got that feeling that Steven’s family when he read it. Are they retarders that make people become their adult babies.

Okay this was not my intent, retarder, that sounds funny. That word. “I am going to retard you.” “We’re going to retard you” to mean we will make you mentally regress, I am going to make you regress so you will be a helpless toddler. It made me imagine if someone wrote that in their story in one of their ebooks.

As you probably just noticed, I am not PC in my stories. I did put in my Natalie story from when she is 15. I had a teacher say after Natalie’s choir concert ““and we all wish a Happy Holiday” and my friend thought that was silly because everyone knows it’s Christmas they celebrate and other people from different religions must be able to accept that the western civilization is built on Christianity. But I didn’t do this for political correctness, I did this because some people do greet people with “Happy Holiday” and I think it’s a lazy way of wishing everyone a Happy Kwanzaa, a happy Hanukkah, a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. Better to say Happy Holiday than saying all these holiday names. I like to stick with reality than making it all rainbows and unicorns where the whole world is perfect and there is no such thing as a violent person or an abuser or a an alcoholic or a drug user or dishonest people, bullies, etc. so it’s unPC to be PC to some people so there was another part of the unPC in my story.