AB/DL meme

I am not sure if I have done this but I know I have on a forum so here I go.

Have you ever done any of these things as an AB/DL?

Wear a diaper – Yes

Wear a diaper to work – Yes

Wear just a diaper outside – Yes, at a nude beach

Wear just a diaper in front of someone – Yes

Wear a diaper in front of a family member – Yes

Told a family member you wear diapers – Yes

Told your spouse or S/O that you wear diapers – yes, my ex

Told a close friend ¬you wear/like diapers -No.

Have your diaper changed by someone of opposite sex – Yes

Have your diaper changed by someone of the same sex – No

Shaved your pubic area – Yes

Shaved someone else’s pubic area – No

Have infant print diapers/plastic pants – Yes

Gone to a party wearing diapers – Yes

Gone to a party wearing just a diaper or baby clothes – No

Wear disposables – Yes

Wear a cloth diaper – My daddy made me quit wearing them

Own a pair or pairs of plastic pants – Yes

Own and wear infant/toddler clothes (ie. onesies, rompers, shortalls) ¬-AB clothes? Yes.

Own a pacifier – Yes

Own a baby bottle – Yes

Met with other diaper lovers for an afternoon/evening – Yes

Spent a weekend/overnight with other diaper lovers – Yes once

Had a diaper leak in a public setting, that was noticeable – Yes

Messed in your diapers – Yes

Messed your diapers in public – Yes

Had a picture taken taken of you in just diapers – Do selfies count?

Had a picture taken outside in just your diapers – No

Desire to stay in diapers forever – Yes

Last question! What is your mental age while wearing diapers? My chronicle age. My RP age is 3.