After I got out of my shower, I was pulling hair from my pussy when my husband came upstairs with our daughter. She was still awake and my husband told me to come with him. I followed him and he put our daughter in the crib and told me to lay on the bed. he put my clean diaper on me and I said “No sex” and he said he wasn’t going to have it and I said I didn’t want it in here because that would be creepy. Can you imagine having sex in your kids bedroom? Then my husband put my socks on my feet and my pajamas and handed me my doll (our daughter) and told me he was putting me to bed and I looked tired and I would get a butt spanking if I get out of bed. Then he headed downstairs to the basement where he plays his game and sleeps. I nursed my baby and she wouldn’t settle and she kept squirming around and taking herself off my boob and I finally stuck her in her crib and went to my room to brush my hair when I heard Daddy calling. I asked “what?” and he told me to come here and told me our daughter was wide awake and I could stay up. Yay. I am so glad he changed his mind. I wanted to do the computer and didn’t get the chance to. Now she is sleeping because she wouldn’t settle in my room, she would fuss and squirm when I held her and would cry if I put her down, so I stuck her in her crib and she went right to sleep. She cried for a few minutes though.


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