Cancelled greatfunsite

As some of you probably heard about those programs online people join to gt discounts and coupons for dining out and shopping and entertainment, last month I bought plane tickets to fly out to Wisconsin for my Aunt’s wedding reception. They got married in Las Vegas and will be having the reception in Milwaukee. The tickets ended up being rounding $1700 because they were rounding $500 a piece and it wasn’t easy getting them and it’s me and my husband and our kids plus travelers insurance because delays happen and if we get delayed, we miss the wedding. I would leave sooner but my work only gives me one week off a year and I haven’t checked yet how many weeks of vacation I get a year. I would stay a day or two longer but getting those tickets wasn’t easy and it gave me a lot of anxiety my mom had to help and planning a vacation is a lot of work and stressful which is why I never take one and go anywhere because all this planning is too much for me and all these steps to take is overwhelming. So we got plane tickets and we got the confirmation in my mom’s email and it had a number at the bottom for a $50 rebate and you had to call the number. I was not interested but my mom insisted I call. I figured the fifty bucks would go towards our trip so I called the number and instead it had strings attached. I had to join the Great fun Site and then cancel to get it. I was not interested and the lady didn’t take no for an answer and I ended up signing up. I should have been rude and just hung up. I need to work on my rudeness. 3 weeks go by and the package comes and I look at it and hold off cancelling because I had a whole month to do it. Then finally last week I call to cancel and I go through the bullshit again, he won’t let me cancel and tells me about the website and to look on it instead and the book they gave me was just a small portion of what they had and they had more online and just put in my location and it will show me all these discounts. I had until the 25th to cancel. This day comes and I call again to cancel and I decide to be honest this time. This time it was a woman that answered and I told her about the rebate thing and I go through the same bullshit again, I had until the 25th for a 30 day trial and to enjoy the program and use the discounts. I told her I was not interested and I just wanted to cancel before that day comes so I won’t be charged and I told her I tried cancelling last time and went through this last time and the next time I call to cancel on that day, will I have to go through this again and finally she cancelled my membership and gave me a cancellation confirmation number. I don’t care about the rebate anymore and I am just glad I got this over with, it wasn’t easy and the phone call made me nervous because I always hate dealing with this bullshit. What do I say, how do I respond and and answer, how will the other person act. I wish it was just all easy and I will make sure to not get any rebates by calling numbers because they might make me sign up for this crap and I have to either not call to get rebates or work on being rude because they don’t take no for an answer. It’s just easier to avoid it. I am thinking those rebate things might just be a scam as an attempt to get people to join them and then they stay with them because they liked the program and that is how they make their money because it’s only one dollar for the first month. Just think, 2,000 people sign up and it’s one dollar for a 30 day trial and they all cancel, that is $2,000 they made. They want everyone to stay until the end and then they charge you the first month and that is $16 they made. Yeah I don’t want to lose that much and I am cheap as my husband calls me and my parents. My mom in law calls me thrifty. I think next time I will just hang up if I find out I have to join a program to get a rebate. Work on being rude.