Pokemon Rumble World vs Pokemon Rumble Blast

I have been playing PRW for over a month and have captured 345 Pokemon so far. It’s a freemie game from the Nintendo eshop and you can use real money to buy gems from the shop in the game to speed the game up and to buy certain items and clothing including Pokemon moves or otherwise you will have to wait a few hours before you can use the same balloon again to go back to the world and have it randomly select a course for you to play or otherwise us a gym to slow the spinning down and to use two gems to stop on course you want. You would have to use a couple gems to play the world again if you don’t want to wait for the balloon to blow up again. I have spend less than $3.00 on the game for gems and I get my free gems from meeting other Miis from streetpassing and for calling someone free online once a day and for spotpassing. I added a bunch of people to my friends from reddit who were exchanging friend codes and some Miis will also hand you a free gem sometimes after you rescue them in the levels. You can also get free gems by doing challengers but you can only win them once after you do a challenge. There are no limited lives in the game so it costs you two gems to continue.

Because I liked this game I decided to try other Pokemon Rumble games so I rented PRB from Gamefly and got it. It’s almost the same as PRW but there are no gems, you don’t have to spend any real money, there are no hot air balloons, there is the world view of course like in Zelda or other Pokemon games and you get three lives. I have captured 101 Pokemon in this game. There is no spotpassing feature but there is Streetpassing and I notice the levels are identical like in the other one and so are the challenge courses where I go in the arena and fight the other Pokemon. I can do the same level over and over without having to use gems or wait a couple hours or three.

The game starts out the same because you just continue and there is only one saved file so it starts where you left off and you do save and quit when you are done playing and then you hit the home button and close out of the game. Now I want to try the Rumble Blast U for WiiU and the one on WiiWare. But I don’t want to get myself overwhelmed with all these games so I will stick with these for now. I just keep saving up my gems for another hot air balloon by meeting other Miis and them giving me a free gem and you get a free gem after every five Miis you meet so that is two gems there when I do spotpassing because I always get ten friends total and I get a gem from meeting Miis through streetpassing and calling someone online for free once a day and after that it’s ten play coins if you want to do it again or else wait until the next day to do it for free. I am just too cheap to spend any real money for gems and they are pretty cheap to buy.

Diaper blowout

I really have to start remembering to bring extra pants along. I brought a bunch of diapers along and a pack of wipes and some toys and my mom and I were out. We drove around and looked in a few places and drove by our old house and the house people like to call The Money Pit because it needed so much work. It’s been all fixed up now so it looks nice. My mom remembers my Dad wanted to buy it but she said no because it would be years before it got all fixed up.
We were at a Goodwill and I was looking at books when I smelled poop and I kept looking at the books and then I went back to my mother saying I think my daughter pooped her diaper and I said the diapers were out in the car so she gave me her keys. I also took her out of the cart and felt she leaked. I carried her out and got the diaper bag from the trunk and opened her pants and saw she got poop outside of her diaper and got a pile of it on her pants. I had a big mess to clean up and tossed the diaper and wipes on the ground and took her pants off since she got it on the front too where he belly is due to getting some poop up there too in the front. Then I put the dirty diaper and wipes in one of the Wendys bags and locked the car back up and carried her back inside with no pants on. I looked for my mother and saw she was in line so I headed back out to the car and put her in her carseat and waited in the front seat. Then Mom came out and asked if one of the bags had a dirty diaper in it and I said yeah and said “it’s not mine, it’s hers” and she said she knew that. I thought she smelled it bu she didn’t, she figured I would put it in one of the bags and then she told me one of the still had fries in it. I thought they were both empty. She told me I could still blow on them and I said “What?” and she said she was just teasing and gotcha. She had been teasing me all day, the first one was with telling me we could leave my baby in the car and it was a silly rule we had about leaving kids in cars and then she said “I was teasing you, gotcha.” She had me thinking she was insane and went crazy and was trying to talk me into it’s okay to leave your kids in the car and everyone is just stupid and I was thinking “but what about social services and parents who get their kids taken for doing that?”
But we went home because of no pants and I was tired anyway from being out all day and my mom wanted to go home too. My mom then said our daughter did it on purpose so we could go home and I was like “what?” and she said she was kidding. I kept falling for her jokes.

I have to remember to bring an extra pair of pants with me for in case of blow outs, my husband once made me drive all the way home to get a pair of pants for our son when his diaper leaked badly because he didn’t want him to walk around with no pants on because he felt it was child abuse even though I have seen babies without pants on after diaper leaks or blow outs. Luckily it wasn’t cold out this day.