Forgot my husband’s appointment

I was reading a blog entry on Lucky Otter’s Heaven and I was reading about how her Asperger’s almost got her into trouble. She had jury duty and she had it marked on her phone but she got her days mixed up and thought the day was the following day so she went into work and her boss reminded her and she realized today was that day so she had to rush home and get her papers and a free parking ticket and she sped to the courthouse breaking the law with speeding. She was late but luckily they hadn’t started yet (yey for delays). Reading this inspired me to check my husband’s calender for his sleep apnia(sp) machine. I knew it was this month but didn’t know what day. I go down in his room and check the calendar and see there is no ate set and I look at the month and saw it was still last month. I flip the page to this month and saw it was this morning. I freak out and get upset because we needed that machine so he won’t snore so loudly in the hotel room when we go on our trip at the end of next month. Last time we both slept in a hotel room, I was up all night because I could not sleep with the snoring. Snoring is one of the things I cannot deal with and stand because it keeps me up and trying to ignore it agitates me. This is one of my kryptinmites (sp). I cry a little and shout and tell my husband to reschedule and he said it wouldn’t be for another three months and I flip out even more. Six nights of no sleeping, I will be the one driving and I can’t be crashing on the road due to no sleep and ear plugs didn’t work last time and his headphones. I thought I would just sleep in the car if I have to but my husband told me he will sleep in the car if he has to because he doesn’t want me to get raped. That solved the problem but it took me longer to get over it and not be upset anymore. he told me it was so cute how I acted, throwing a fit because I acted like a kid doing it. I asked him how would an adult act about it. He said they would scream at their husbands for forgetting their appointment and I said I did yell at him and he said “no you didn’t, you started crying.” I didn’t yell at my husband about it, I yelled about us forgetting about it and I started saying how doomed we were and our trip and saying how we might need two hotel rooms now and more money just great I will just sleep in the car. But me “throwing a fit” turned him on so he had sex with me and put my diaper back on and I said maybe I should start doing it on purpose and he said there would be more sex then. I was teasing him of course when I said I should start doing it on purpose because he likes it so much. I act like a kid especially when upset and I don’t do it on purpose. I don’t even realize it. My husband is going to reschedule and hopefully he will get in before our trip.