Poopy diaper disaster

Today after we had all came inside from being outside and doing the garden and giving my kids a bath, I had to take a dump so I went in the dining room and did it. Then I went back in the living room and sat back on the couch. Then I gave my kids mac and cheese we got at the store and my husband came in the room and said “someone is poopy” and he then knew it was me because I had a look on my face so he said in my ear “I got a stinky girl here” and went back in the basement. My niece and her boyfriend were already here and they were not around. Then later my mother in law and my sister in law came over and I was not expecting them. So I went upstairs to my room so I wouldn’t smell in front of them. Then more disaster struck, my husband was calling me and wouldn’t tell me what he wanted. He kept saying “come here” and I didn’t want to walk down there smelling like shit in front of his family. So I was grumpy and yelling what and why couldn’t he just tell me. Then he said to come get my daughter so I was forced to go all the way downstairs to get her and I rushed back upstairs and I thought that was the end. I was laying in bed nursing and my husband called me again and I was real grumpy even more so I screamed what again and asked him what does he want and to come up here. He said his feet hurt to walk up the stairs and so I stormed out of my room and he was at the bottom of the stairs so I got in his face and said “Maybe I should change my fricken diaper if you are going to keep calling me because I will not smell like shit in front of your family.” He then apologized and said he thought I had already changed and I told him i didn’t know they were going to be here. He told me he told me last week and I said no he only told me about our niece, not about his mom and sister coming over. He told me he wanted me to get my son ready because he was going to his brother’s (my brother in law) house so he could play with my nephew’s half sister who is not akin. but instead my dad took over getting him ready so I grabbed the wipes and went in the bathroom to change but instead I saw my BM was just a solid poop so I used the wipes and picked it up and dumped it in the toilet and put the diaper back on and flushed the toilet and threw the wipes away. Now I was no longer poopy even though I had some streaks in the diaper where it touched and the fact I didn’t wipe. Then I felt more comfortable being around other people and I did the dishes and was downstairs more walking around but I still felt irritable. I did poop again in my diaper after everyone left and it stuck in my butthole so I had to use wipes to clean it off.

Today was a bad idea to mess a diaper and I know how I feel about wasting one. I did feel a little alarmed when I heard my name and saw my sister in law and my mom in law and I was sitting there in a messy diaper. But I knew my daughter would probably get the blame for the smell if they noticed so I got out of there and went in my room. My mother in law may know about me wearing them but I am still not comfortable walking around messy in front of her or my sister in law and I am sure she knows I wear them too. But no one said anything and I am not sure if they ever noticed. I could have changed ASAP but no I just had to be selfish by isolating myself away from everyone because I didn’t want to change and waste a diaper.