Airing out

I got up this morning and I felt a sore on my bottom. I took my diaper off and allowed myself to air out so I went around wearing my Hello Kitty bottoms and nothing on over my bottom. I had no accidents, no leaking urine or dripping mucus. Yesterday I wouldn’t stop peeing my diaper so whenever I took a move, I would feel pee leaking out and I would also leak urine whenever I bent forward and then I changed into a clean diaper and didn’t keep peeing. I didn’t either today and daddy never caught me diaperless. It felt good to air out and I put rash cream on over the sore and put on a clean diaper before going to work and it felt nice and soft like I was wearing a cushion. A fresh diaper always feels nice. I did eventually put toilet paper over my clit because I felt like I was going to drip mucus.