A reason to look forward to my girl being potty trained

Today before taking my son to school, I was still in my pajamas and my daughter had crawled in her grandma’s and grandpa’s room. I was told to come get her and my mom says I better get dressed. I was going to anyway but I don’t always get dressed when I get up to get my kid up for school. Then she asks me if I had changed my diaper yet. I say not yet and she said I better and I ask if I was smelling. Why would she bring it up? I ask that several times because she didn’t hear me and then she says louder if my daughter’s diaper had been changed this morning and I say no and she said I better do it. I realized I had misheard her and I thought she was asking if I had changed mine yet but not she was asking about her. Next time I will ask “Who’s diaper?” When she is potty trained, I wouldn’t have to worry about these misunderstandings.