“Stinking up the whole house” does not mean stinking up the whole house.

This is what I had learned from my online friend from Sweden. I had been told how I stink up the whole house with my cloth diapers (back when I wore them) and someone saying to me on Reddit about it, and the time I lived in my apartment, someone left a passive aggressive note on the washing machine saying “Please remove this load, it stinks up the whole apartment” and I thought it was bullcrap because I found it hard to believe everyone can smell them in their units or all the way in the hallway and on the top floor, and online I used to talk to a guy who put his wife in diapers and he told me their house smelled like the toilet because she poops in them and she isn’t allowed to change them, only he does. I have always found it hard to believe that diapers would stink up the whole house (unless their home is that tiny) because diapers are kept in enclosed pails, diapers are kept in certain rooms of the home, disposables can be kept in enclosed pails or taken outside to be thrown away. Then I was told they don’t mean it literally, they mean parts of the home. I then realized people were exaggerating when they say it. I shared this with another online friend and he thought it was funny. So if I change my poopy diaper in the bathroom, I do stink up the bathroom and the upstairs hallway right where the bathroom is and my mom might say I stunk up the whole house with my poopy diaper. I just open the window and spray the hallway.


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