I have to work on my daughter’s birthday so I decided to celebrate it on the weekend and I let my husband pick the day. I create the event on Facebook and make it private and invite my aunt, my old friend I knew in 4th-6th grade and her mom and grandma, my mom in law and couple of my cousins and my brother. I also let my husband pick the time too. I was expecting more people of course like my dad in law, my uncle, my niece and nephews, brother in law, my friend’s kids because not everyone has a Facebook.

My mom told me about our house needing to be cleaned and I had cleaned it last night when I got home so how did it get dirty by itself. My mom told me she didn’t see the house since last night when she got home and she did a walk through with me telling me what she wants done. Then I get back on the computer. I like to do computer before I start my day like how some people like to drink coffee every morning or how my mom must read before bed (going to sleep).

My dad helped me cleaned by doing the kitchen and I swept and vacuumed and cleaned the bathroom upstairs by sweeping and washing and making sure the toilet is cleaned. I also throw some stuff away and I wipe down my daughter’s high chair. It didn’t take long at all and I felt overwhelmed with all the cleaning I would have to do but then I didn’t feel that way once I started. My husband also did grocery shopping because we got paid and I paid my paypal bill for the Bambinos and I while he grocery shopped, I did streetpasses and got my son a Happy Meal toy and myself one and I also got a free movie from the redbox. Then I picked up my daughter’s Hello Kitty cakecake at Safeway and looked around to pass time and then we left and I picked my husband up but we had to wait in the car for him. My dad was nice to decide to watch the kids while we left but our son wanted to come so we left our daughter behind. It was a good thing we did because we forgot we had the stroller in the trunk so we had to put them in the backseat and my husband put the groceries covering her carseat. Then we headed home and he put everything away while I wrapped presents. My son was so anxious to have cake and open them so he got impatient but he survived. My friend couldn’t make it because her son started vomiting and he has been having medical issues so they didn’t come and her grandmother declined the invite because we don’t have ramps for her wheelchair and it takes going up a couple steps to get in our home. So it was just my aunt and uncle, sister in law and her daughter, brother in law and his son and his son’s half sister, and my mom in law. once I found out my friend wouldn’t be coming, we started to have the cake and we opened the presents, my son helped and so did my niece (not my real niece but she is my nephew’s half sister, they have different dad’s). My daughter got one of those Fisher Price push toys where the little balls pop, she got a squeeze toy that makes the tongue stick out, she got a water toy that is a truck, (my son picked those all out) she got a new swimming suit and a nice outfit for the wedding we are going to this summer from my mother, she got a stuffed hello Kitty my sis in law won from the claw machine and she got her a Hello Kitty cup with a straw, she got a hard cover book and an outfit from my aunt and uncle, and a My Little Pony outfit and MLP flip flops from my mother in law and a Frozen play tent from my mother.

Mu daughter had a Hello Kitty toy on her cake and I let my son take it off and lick it, I let him have one of the HK rings, the cake had four of them at each corner and I let my half niece have one too. I also took pictures and my dad took movies and my daughter loved her cake and her presents she played with the push toy and she ate almost all her cake. I also sent home some cake with my mother in law for her husband and grand son who were too sick to come. My son and my half niece played hard and they both loved the Frozen tent and the tunnel it came with but they had bent the tent part and then it wouldn’t stay up because it kept falling to the side. We also had ice cream with cake too and we nearly ate up all the cake because there is very little left. My mom thought it was good cake and so did my aunt. My daughter also went through three outfits today because I had her changed into a nice long yellow romper outfit with flowers on it and she got that all dirty from food and cake so I had to rinse her off in the tub and I got her dressed into a nice outfit that is onesie that looks like a shirt and a nice light purple dress and she got that dirty because she got into the pop and spilled it on herself and then I gave her a real bath later and put her in her new outfit which was the My Little Pony one. I remember on my son’s first birthday, he got himself so messy from his cake, my mother in law and I had to wash him in the restroom sink and he had to wear one of his new outfits he got for his birthday. But he opened his presents and my daughter wouldn’t so my son and I and my half niece had to do it for her. My brother wasn’t here for the party because he went out of state to see some old friends from high school for one of their birthdays.

My daughter is also walking good but she walks with her legs apart and her arms up and she falls down a lot but she can still walk around the room without holding onto anything and she has walked into other rooms but she can’t stand up yet without using anything to grab onto to pull herself up to her feet. But she is getting better and better at walking. I am seeing her crawl less and less. She also loves to grab stuff and dump things out so we have to watch where we put our drinks.

We had a bunch of dirty dishes after eating and I emptied the dishwasher and put all the dirty dishes in there and turned it on. Then the kitchen looked nicer again. Everyone stayed for a while and my sister in law and my mom in law left first and so did my niece (sis in law’s daughter) and then my brother in law and his son and his half sister left and my aunt and uncle stayed and played cards with my parents. I hid in my room again and did computer and watching Paddington Bear, the free movie I got. Then I gave my son a bath and made him go to bed after my brother in law left with the kids. My son was dirty because he hadn’t had a bath in days and I can’t remember when he last had one. His face was dirty so I knew I better give him a bath, he hasn’t had one in a while, then I showered while my husband was laying with the kids and only our son fell asleep but not our daughter. I just have her on my lap right now as I’m typing this. She just wants to be held.