I don’t like pooping in front of anyone when it comes to diapers

Today I finally got to poop my diaper in a while. I took no stool softener so it happened on its own. I come home and watch Dr. Phil and the cramps start and my husband comes in my room with our daughter. he puts her down and he stands around and I tease him saying “I didn’t know you like Dr. Phil.” He said he didn’t know it was Dr. Phil. Just so you know, my husband hates that show. He cannot stand it which is why I had to move the show up to the main floor because he could not stand hearing it in the basement and now I watch it in my room now that we got new cable boxes and we can watched a recorded TV show on any TV set on any cable box. He can’t stand it because he can’t stand to hear the stories on it and the drama the fighting, it gets him upset inside. It’s his Kriptonmite (how is that word spelled?). But I am anxious for him to leave because I really have to poop. I do not like to poop my diaper in front of anyone, daughter doesn’t count because she is a baby. My husband notices I am sounding mad and I tell him I am just busy watching the show and I am on the computer. Then he said I sounded mad and I said no I am just trying to focus. Then he leaves and I get off my bed and poop my diaper and go back to watching the TV show. The cramping was gone so I felt better. Then after the show was over, I put the laptop back on my dresser and sit down and I let my daughter play around because she is wide awake and my husband couldn’t get her to sleep after rocking her with no light. Then my mom knocks (yes finally since we never knock) and comes in my room and comments it smells like poo in here and who is it. I am too shy to say it’s me and she guesses it’s me and she tells me I better change because it stinks and she closes the door. I stay in it and I change later in the bathroom and I stink it up so I opened the window to air it out. My dad made a comment about it smelling and I told him I changed in the bathroom so I sprayed the hallway while he was in the bathroom because it stunk out there too.

It’s weird I am private about having to go poo when I wear diapers but when I wore underwear, I was all open about it and open about pooping in the toilet. I had no problems announcing it because it’s normal, everyone poops in the toilet and pooping in a diaper is out of the norm and very uncommon so it’s embarrassing and awkward to announce it. My husband is the only one I tell when I poop myself because I know he enjoys it and it turns him on and he likes having a smelly wife. I had no idea it was not appropriate to talk about our bodily functions and that we pooped in the toilet or that we need to take a dump until I was an adult. You see I grew up with this behavior because my dad does it and I could blame my poor social skills on him but I don’t because if it was his fault for how I am, my brothers would be like him too but they aren’t. My dad and I are alike but I think I have better social skills than him. At least I know it’s not nice to walk into a restaurant and talk about how expensive their food is and how you can get it cheaper somewhere else. My dad actually did this in a expensive restaurant when he and my mom ate out and the waiter felt embarrassed for my mother and my dad thought it was all funny. I would never act that way. It’s fine to talk about prices to your partner or to whoever you went out with but do not say it out loud or tell it to people who work there.