Poopy diaper

I finally did a messy diaper in a while it feels like. I came home and I felt the urge to poop while I was sorting through my Build a Bear items and I pushed and some came out. Later I felt more coming so I stood up and pushed more out and felt it spread through my diaper. I also peed in it two more times and felt it go to the front. I wore plastic pants over them just in case they leaked. I wore it for the rest of the day. My dad and son noticed the smell and I blamed it on farts. Majora’s Mask from Gamefly came so I started playing it after I fed my daughter. My son watched me play it while my daughter played. Then after I got my Ocarina back, I saved the game and took my shower. I handed our daughter to my husband of course and I put the game in my son’s 3DS system and got his own file started. He had been asking me all this time if he could play it and I kept telling him no because it will be too hard for him. I gave in and decided to let him play anyway. He will see. I grabbed a clean diaper and headed to the bathroom and got undressed. Then I took off my diaper and this is what it looked like with two poops I did:

It was also over my butt and pussy (sorry, I didn’t take any photos) and I rolled the diaper up and put it in the bucket and got in the shower and washed the crap off. I even shit off about two pounds because I weighed myself and I was down to 126. I was 127.8 this morning and then it was 126.2. But then I had Velveeta mac and cheese. I tried to share with my son but he didn’t want any.

My messes are usually not this big unless I haven’t pooped in days. Then my body decides to have a big one after I have been doing tiny BMs. I have taken a stool softeners a few times but not every day.

Stall out of order

Today I went to the kid sale and I brought my daughter along. It was in the morning so it was cool in the building (last time I went it was hot so they had fans blowing and I had my son with and they had free water) and I got a bunch of Build a bear stuff. The wardrobe and the car, the clothes and the wardrobe had shoes and clothes in there and it was all for ten dollars so I got it. I also got three separate outfits and that saved me a lot of money. I also got my son a Play Doh set and I got myself a block design puzzle and a Care Bears Latch Hook Kit. Then I went to the mall and it was a little warm inside. I was inside the bookstore and I had to change my diaper because I felt a damp spot at the kids sale when I got up on my feet after nursing my daughter to sleep. But the handicapped stall was out of order so I had to leave the store (they had their stall taped shut so that means no mother can change their baby/toddler) and I went into Macy’s to use their restroom. This time I put my diaper in the sanitary napkin holder and left it in there with the other used tampons an pads and wrappers from them. The hand blowers were going when I changed so no one heard me undoing the tabs. Then an older woman who looked to be in her 50’s or 60’s entered the handicapped stall when I was at the sink washing my hands.

Here are my build a Bear collection I am so proud of:

My Build a Wardrobe and all the clothes that were in it. The shoes are still inside and the accessories.

Build a Car with three outfits I got, they are still in their plastic bags. I had to color out my daughter’s face because I didn’t realize she was in the picture until I uploaded it. My 3DS will not show the whole picture when I take them until I have uploaded them. So all you can see are her arms and hands.

They came

Today the diapers finally came and they were the right ones I got. I stuck the Abenas in my closet and the Classicos in the garage. I hard a knock at the door so I went downstairs to answer and it was the delivery guy. My Dad who was home asked me what came and I said it was something for me and he said nothing else. I had to sign my name and then I opened the boxes to make sure they were the right ones.

Diaper absorption variation

Molicare Super Plus are good diapers so they will never leak and will hold a lot. But I have had a batch where they kept leaking on me and didn’t have that many pees in them so they would leak before they should have so I either peed more than I realized or it was just a bad batch I have so they are not holding as much. But that is what happened with the last case and when I got Bambinos and they hold well but sometimes they will also leak on me too and I had a wet spot below my buttock and it was a wet circle but might not be noticeable. So I had to change.

Here is what the diaper looked like when it leaked and how wet it was:

An online friend asked me if I could start posting photos of my used diapers and I asked what ones and he said both so here is one of them:

This is how wet the inside of the diaper was.

Here it is all rolled up ready to be thrown away:

Here is where all the used diapers go:

My cloth ones used to go in there too and it was exclusively for cloth only until I had to switch to disposables full time

And here is me wearing the diaper under my child looking outfit:

I would do side and back images but then I look fat in them and I still have body image issues (where I still feel I am fat and look fat) and it’s tough taking selfies without showing too much detail or my face. The pants I have on are girls size 18 and the top is Juniors 1X.

Out of diapers

Today was the first time we ever ran out of diapers. I thought my husband had some in the basement because he told me he brought down one of the packs. I used the last diaper this morning and then I thought she was poopy when I decided to put her down for a nap. She was fussing. I grabbed the wipes and headed to the basement to change her and she had none left so I left her with him and went to the store to get more diapers. I also got two candy bars. One for me and one for my son. I come home and change her and she was only wet so she must have only farted. I changed her anywhere and it’s not like I wasted my time going and getting diapers, we were out of them anyway so at least I got some now before she was leaking or had a blow out and then finding out she had none. Now I know how parents run out of diapers and not buy more when they are low. They think they have another pack somewhere but they don’t because they don’t realize their partner had used them all too. It feels like we had just gotten some too and we’re already out.

Then I put my girl down for her nap and gave her a bottle and then it was time to get my son from school.

Memorial Day

I decided it was time to send back Pokemon Rumble Blast. Gamefly does not have the like button for it and our $5 coupon expires on the 22nd of next month. I want to be able to use it. I have been wanting Majora’s Mask so I want to get it and keep it. I had only beaten that game once because it’s too long to play and it took me about three months to beat and you have to do Groundhog Day because you only have three days to do the missions and beat the temples before the moon falls so that means doing some missions again and beating the bosses again but at least you don’t have to do the temples all over again.

Today was Memorial Day so my husband dumped this on me at the last minute about the BBQ at *Artie’s place. I was in the middle of looking at Street Fighter IV for 3DS on youtube because I was trying to decide if I should get the game or not and I already have it on PS3 but I wanted to see if both versions were the same, the levels. I like to do research on games I am thinking about so I can decide if I want to buy it or not. On gamefly I don’t have to do that because I can just add a game to my Q and get it and if I don’t like it, I can just send it right back. I can do the same for Gamestop too.

I had to change and I was poopy so it took a bunch of wipes to clean up. I don’t mind the clean up anymore. I do have a diaper rash I have had for the past few days so I always put rash cream over the sore spots and this is what it looks like:

(warning: may be graphic, it’s just a shot of my butt)

I discovered I could use my 3Ds to take photos and use imgur thanks to Reddit and we lost our camera but hopefully it will show up and my laptop doesn’t have a SD card port and I always forget to use my husband’s computer to upload. I am sure I can remove the SD card from my 3DS and upload the photos to the computer. I am still computer illiterate. It just came to my head this month that I can use my 3DS to upload photos to Imgur and post them here so you might start seeing photos in this blog now but not any face shots or any details of my home or of my kids and my husband and parents, etc.

I got finished getting changed and then dressed and my husband got ready and the he went out to water the garden he made and I got my kids dressed and her in a fresh diaper and my mom came home and she did some cleaning despite that I had done some cleaning this morning too. I also cleaned my room by sweeping and picking up my kid’s toys. Then we left to go to Artie’s and my in laws and my sister in law couldn’t make it because they didn’t have any money for gas. Plus my brother in law is using their car because he is trying to get a new job and he is also getting a used car so he had to borrow from us to get the title. He needs a car for work. Then he always pays us back with his tax return money. Artie and his wife had hamburgers, hot dogs, vegetables and dip, chips, baked beans, and chicken. I only had baked beans and my daughter ate, my son refused to have anything except for a banana they offered. They also played poker and we won 25 bucks which goes towards our trip. I didn’t play, I just read a chapter of 50 Shades of Gray and I played my 3DS and Artie’s 16 year old son played one of my DS games but not very long and we talked. It was about how long they had been living in the house, how old it is, when they added on to it, when my son was three months old and he made funny faces at him and he thought it was funny so it taught me to make those faces too to make him laugh. I copied. He also looked at my 3DS/DS games I had in the case. My son played outside with one other kid who is three years older than him and my son is almost as tall as him and he is only four. My daughter just crawled around and played. I got tired from being there, literally tired, so I felt like I was falling asleep so I told my husband I was leaving and he had me bring the kids with. It wasn’t hard getting my son to leave, I told him it was time to go and he went with me but he was upset he lost his candy my husband got him at a gas station on the way but he got over it. Then when I came home, I felt exhausted so I relaxed on the computer and then all of a sudden I had energy to go outside with my son when he brought up the swing I bought for my daughter a week ago and I had forgotten about it. I put my shoes on and took it outside and hung it and put my daughter in it. I pushed them both in their swing and my daughter leaned way too far in her swing and tipped and I caught her before she could fall out. That is why you don’t leave a baby unattended in the swing. She liked the swing and laughed as she rode in it. Then I was done and brought her inside and got her ready for bed.

My husband got a ride home from one of Artie’s kids and he played on my husband’s computer while my son laid in bed to go to sleep. I let him watch TV until past nine and I turned it off and put music on for him instead. I had him lay in my bed because I didn’t want him to disturb his sister and wake her up or keep her awake because my son can be loud. Then she woke up so I had to feed her and she only had a banana. She nearly ate the whole thing so I got her hands cleaned up and her tray and put her back to bed. But she started crying and I let her because she didn’t want to go to sleep so my dad decided to rock her and then he put her down and she went back yo crying again so I told him to just let her cry. She did and then went to sleep. She had been fed, already had her bottle and he put a clean diaper on her so what else was there to cry about? Sometimes you have to let your baby cry itself to sleep and I know this is controversial because not everyone believes you should let a baby cry to sleep. I am not saying you should ignore them if they are scared or sick or wet or messy or hungry, if they are crying just because they are having a fit because they don’t want to go to sleep, that is different to just let them cry it out. Sometimes I let her fall asleep in my lap and then I put her in her crib after she had been crying for a while and because she is wide awake.

I would say today was better because I got stressed out from yesterday due to too much noise and chaos. My husband had his mom and sister come over and his brother and my son was all hyper and running around and whining so I got over stimulated and so much demands being thrown at me. Then I had a little outburst and my mom asked me why am I so angry and I said I was too stimulated so she had to help me out. But today was calmer because it was just us at home and mom was at work and dad and my brother were still on their trip and my son spent most of his time on his 3DS watching youtube or playing Super Mario DS or Monster Hunter 4 demo and he was calm and my daughter wasn’t fussy and she took a long nap so it was quiet around here. I wish everyday was like this, all peace and quiet and no fussy baby and no whiny son or hyperactive so I was more calm and relaxed.

Oh and bonus picture:

(warning: crotch shot and it may be graphic because a little part of my breasts show)

This is me in a clean Bambino before leaving for the BBQ.

It’s sale time again

Bambino Diapers is doing another sale and their sale ends today. I bought another case of Classicos and I also bought a case of Abena M4s this time so that added to the total of $122 something dollars. I am still on my second case of Classicos and I decided every time they do a sale, I will order another case of them. I wonder if this is how people get stocked up on diapers. I always think it’s crazy when people have different diaper stashes and they have more than they need. This is the only time I can afford printed diapers because the rest are too expensive.

I was supposed to buy Bellissimos from a user on ADISC for $70 (good deal) and he sent me a PM on Friday asking about Paypal because it’s the safetest way to pay and he never responded. It said he hadn’t been back since that day and c’mon people, if you are going to sell some diapers, don’t leave a thread about it and then run and not respond, this is a huge pet peeve of mine. But anyway I am no longer interested in the diapers because I had bought some already from the website and I didn’t wan to miss this sale.

The sale ends today at 11:59PM Pacific Time so get in there and buy some at discounted price.