Nudie butt

I was wearing a pull up today and pants and I decided to take it off and go butt naked so I can air it out before work. The rash has gotten worse down there, just that one spot. The pull up smelled because it has some pee in there from me going potty and then I leak some in there because I don’t bother wiping so I tossed it out with the rest of the dirty diapers. I then kick my son off my chair so I can place down an underpad and I sit on it. I do not want my bare bottom on it because I might leak pee on it or mucus or blood. I stay like this for over an hour and since my mom is gone getting her air done and my dad is napping, I went around the house like this. I still had my socks and shirt on but no pants. I cook mac and cheese again for my son and I and my son says “Nudie butt” and touches it and I go “Hey, you don’t touch me there, it’s private, you don’t touch private parts, it’s naughty and butts are private.” He asked me why I had a nudie butt and I told him I had to air it out before work. If I leak on the floor I will just clean it up since it’s all hardwood and I sit in the chair naked butt and it was wooden and I can wipe it up if I leak on it or get blood on it and I am bleeding again sort of. Then my husband caught me without a diaper on and he said in my ear, “bad girl, you have nothing on” and I told him “I’m airing out” and he said “What’s the pad for?” and I said “In case I have an accident.”

Then when my husband was upstairs I came back up to my room and my son makes a comment again about my naked butt and my husband said “Mom is a bad girl maybe I should spank her nudie butt” and I asked him if that was even appropriate for a kid to hear and my husband didn’t see it as an issue so it must have been fine and I was just being crazy. He told me he was teasing our son.

I don’t know why I did this, no diaper is more appropriate than a diaper so I did it because I was airing out and wearing a robe made me feel hot so I took it off. I am thinking of wearing a cheaper diaper to work so I won’t waste another premium diaper until this rash is gone. I think wearing the pull up made it worse but I didn’t want to get my sheets dirty and I didn’t want to get my pants dirty either. Maybe I should reconsider wiping next time I pee and I used the toilet a lot today and I am not sure how many times, maybe ten. I squeezed it all out.


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