Wasting a diaper

I got a rash forming on my bottom inside the cheeks where my vagina is. I took a shower and I decided I better air out than wearing the same diaper and using rash cream because I don’t want to make the rash worse. I was only wet in the middle so it felt like I was wasting a diaper even though I have had it on since morning and it smelled anyway so I threw it away. There is no way I will be able to wear it again later because it will be very smelly by then and very uncomfortable to wear so I tossed it in the bucket and I will just let my skin air out for the night and perhaps all day tomorrow until I have to go to work so it’s not like I wasted a diaper. Then by the time I get ready to go, I can put on rash cream again and a fresh diaper. This is the greatest things about having control, I have the luxury to air out and I don’t know what I would have done if I were incontinent. I have for my stories that Natalie sits on the toilet to air out because she is incontinent. I am sitting on a underpad right now wearing only socks and a bra and a towel wrapped around my head.