I have taught my son a new term, dead mall. That is what I always call the mall near us because lot of stores there are vacant so I consider it dead. It’s just a tiny mall and my parents were there sometimes when I was a toddler so I have vague memories being there and I only remember being there once in sixth grade and it was still 80’s looking or 70’s looking, probably never been updated until the year 2002 according to the internet and it also had a face lift. I took my son to Target and I let him pick out a present for his sister and he got her two things and then we looked at the games and then we went to checkout and I wanted candy for a dollar and my son decided he wanted M&Ms so I got him those since I was getting myself something. Then after we paid, I said to him “let’s walk around the mall now” and he said “the dead mall” and the cashier laughed and asked me if I would like to take the cart around the mall and I almost said no but then realized I would have to carry my daughter around and my arm would get sore so I said “yes” and he unlocked the cart so it wouldn’t lock when I left the store. He calls it a dead mall too because of me. It wouldn’t surprise me if they tore it down and made it all a box development. Outdoor malls are getting popular again and indoor malls are getting less common and more are expected to decline in the next ten years. I read online a indoor mall had not been built in the states since the year 2006. I bet they will be the next drive in theater meaning they will keep on declining like drive in theaters did and pretty soon they will be rare to find. We only have one still but it’s out of our area but close by and I hear it’s hard to get in so you have to leave extra early to get in. I have only been to a drive in theater once when I was three and my parents took out all the seats and put in the playpen and had my brother and I in it (times were different then so if someone did that today what my parents did, social services will be involved your kids will be taken and you are charged with child endangerment and neglect) and we had popcorn and we saw a movie. They tore that drive in theater down and I think they use it as storage now for carnival rides but they left the sign there. I think that was the one we went to because I can remember the hills and the trees and seeing satellite towers I always saw from the freeway. Sadly our kids may not ever experience a drive in movie like I did once. But at least they will experience a plane ride and going across country this summer.

I also did some streepassing at the mall because they have a Home Depot and I walked in there and came out and sat down at a table because my son wanted to sit and he ate his M&Ms while I played my 3DS. Then we looked for a drinking fountain because my son was thirsty but we couldn’t find one and then we headed back to Target and I brought back one of their other shopping carts but then they locked when we got back in the store so I had to carry my daughter and the bag and my son played with the new toy he got her, it’s one of those push things made by Fisher Price and those things have been around for a real long time, and I tried a sample drink that is a vitamin and my son tied some but didn’t like it because it was too foamy. I didn’t like it either and the lady had no way of dumping it and she wouldn’t do it in the trash and she was okay with it. By the time we got out of the store, the drink was no longer foamy so my son wanted it all of a sudden when I offered it to him. It was a kid’s drink. My arm was also sore from carrying my baby and by the time we got back to the car, I put her in and then my son and gave him the drink and he had finished it by the time we left the paring lot. Then I stopped at Safeway and ordered a cake and went straight home skipping McDonalds because my kids were hungry and so was I and my son was starting to act up. he did good the whole time even though he did run around while I sat at the table in the mall but the place was empty and barely any people so it didn’t matter if he was running around and shouting. I cooked mac and cheese when I got home and I was going to go to another autism group but my husband was sick and he wasn’t up for watching kids again and he watched them all day yesterday and I wasn’t going to have my parents baby sit because they have their own lives and I don’t want to put a burden to them. Oh well maybe next time, as I told the guy from my group on the train, I keep forgetting and also I have kids. Sometimes I feel like I am using them as an excuse to not do something because I know I could just dump them on my husband and have him suffer or put a burden on my parents. I know they always end up watching them because my husband withdraws or because his feet hurt too much or because he is not feeling well. But when they are not around or are too busy with work, he is forced to do it. But yet I am able to always make the other group.