Messy diaper change

Today I was up early because the days are longer and nights are shorter. I was on the computer and I was still in the same diaper from yesterday. I had peed it two more times since I last messed it and the diaper still held it well and no leaks. I felt a little damp spot but it was dry by the time I decided to change. I get undressed and take my diaper off and my poo was a light brown color and I used the back of the diaper to wipe the rest off and then I had a big mess to clean up but it wasn’t bad. it was all over my area down there and in the middle of my butt cheeks. I didn’t realize the mess was that big. While I was cleaning up, I catch my daughter crawling towards my diaper and I pull it away saying “ew don’t touch it” and kept on cleaning up while I kept an eye on her so she wouldn’t touch the diaper. Then I rolled it up with the dirty wipes in it and taped it closed and then got my socks back on and my bra and got out a clean diaper and put baby powder in it and put it on and put my pajamas back on. Then I threw the diaper away in the bucket and brought it downstairs because it was full and I emptied it in the kitchen and then my mom came in and said nothing about it. I hoped I didn’t stink up the kitchen and I took the bag outside and tossed it in the trash can. It was over half full and I hand’t realized we made that much trash but then I remembered I took a bunch up from my husband’s room and I am surprised how clean his room looked after picking up all the toys. His room is also a family area because we have the TV in there and the shelves and movies and games and toys and the couch and coffee table and the broken lazyboy chair.

I went back upstairs with the bucket and the whole upstairs stunk of poo so I opened the bathroom window and my room smelled worse so I sprayed air freshener around and in the hallway and bathroom and opened my bedroom window to air it out.

My diaper is still fresh and dry after being in it for about an hour. My son did come in my room after I had changed and said “what’s that smell?” and I said “I sprayed air freshener around, what does it smell like?” and he said “good.” Then we headed downstairs for breakfast but my son didn’t have anything because he was too busy playing with his new Mega Blocks and I fed my daughter while my mother watched the news. Today I want to take my son out and have him pick out a present for his sister for her birthday and have it be from all of us.