Out with my mother

It was a nice day out and I wanted to do something with my mother so we both went out to a outdoor mall together that opened ten years ago. I had never been there really except seeing it so I wanted to check it out. I left the kids at home with their father and they had a Barnes & Noble there so I got some streetpasses. That was the only place I liked there and everything else I wasn’t into but they did have a toy store but it wasn’t much there. I also had to change my diaper at Barnes & Noble because it got uncomfortable and it felt like it was going to leak. I could tell by how it felt in the back and on my skin and I had it on since last night so I changed in the restroom. The handicapped stall didn’t have a trash can so it didn’t matter which stall I changed in. I changed in the single stall and I hated those automatic toilets because it wouldn’t stop flushing while I changed. Then I rolled the diaper up and hid it under my jacket and threw it away burying it under paper towels and washed my hands. Then I found my mother and told her I was ready to go and she asked me what I had been doing and I said I was down in the cafe playing my 3DS. No lie because that was what i was doing before I headed to the restroom. I just didn’t give her that information. Then we left the mall and headed to a indoor mall I hadn’t been to in years because it’s so far from our house and we used GPS to get there. We ate at the Cheesecake factory and it was very loud and packed it was like being in a cafeteria. Then we looked around the mall ad it was pretty noisy and packed and the stores there are fancy and more expensive because they have stores there our mall near us doesn’t have and they even have the Lego store and the mall looked nicer than the other one we always go to. I knew my son would love that store and it would be hard to get him to leave because they had Legos out for kids to play with. My son recently got into Legos and has been talking about them and he even watches the Lego movie my husband bought him on Comcast. I also bought him a Mega Blocks set for .99 at the Goodwill on the way back and it was in a little unopened package with 37 pieces. They are like Legos. But when Mom and I were leaving the mall, she had to stop in the bathroom and I said I will wait right here for her and she told me I should go too but I told her I didn’t need to and she said “Oh right, I forgot.” I still think it’s a habit she does. Then we left after she went and my ears felt sore from all the noise My mom felt the same way too and she also gets sensitive to sound so her ears ring and get sore and it makes her even more sensitive to sound. We stopped at a couple of Goodwills on the way back and while we were in the checkout line, I was playing one of my Streetpass games when my mom asked me “Where do we go?” I told her we just go after those people in front of us and she said “Where do we go after we pay?” and I said “I don’t know, whatever is on the way home.” I realized I had taken her question literal so she had to rephrase it but it was something we both laughed about when we left the store. Every time I am concentrating hard on something and I get interrupted or when I am anxious to get something done and over with, I get very literal because all I hear is the words and listen to the words and it’s like I can’t do two things at once. There was another time when I had to help her carry a mattress up the stairs and my arms were sore, the mattress was heavy, I couldn’t wait until that thing was up the stairs and then my mother told me to drop it so I dropped it and she said “I didn’t mean drop it, I meant set it down gently.” That happened when we all first moved into this house. But my mom never gets mad at me for it and neither does my husband. I also got another streetpass at Best Buy when we stopped at Ross and I got a baby monitor and new socks for my girl and my mom got her a birthday present. I plan on taking my son out tomorrow to have him pick out a birthday present for his little sister. I also got wrapping paper at Goodwill and a couple books.

Here’s the order of how our day went:

outdoor mall, looked in my mom’s shops first and then we walked around and I stopped in the toy store, then we went to Barnes & Noble

Left and went to some other place and I looked in Salvation Army and we left

Went to the indoor mall and ate at the Cheesecake Factory, mom looked in a store and I waited, then she looked in another store and waited sitting on a bench while I looked around, I went to Gamestop and looked in the Lego store and Build a Bear Workshop and I looked in Spencers and Hot Topic (I don’t remember the order I looked at the stores in) and then I met up with my mother and she stopped at the bathroom

We left and go to Ross and Best Buy

Leave again and go to two Goodwills

Come home


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