Nice compliment I got

I always want to look young and I never want to look old. Today online, there was a chat night so I went in the chat room and I was in there as a guest because I don’t know how to get my name to show or to even pick one. There was no sound this time like last time. But anyway there were only two webcams and I show my face and things go silent and someone talks about someone being under age and then the young guy or woman I am not sure what gender it was, but they said they were not saying anything until I leave and I realized they were talking about me. They thought I was a he and that I was under age. That was a nice compliment I got. I looked so young but I also looked like a boy sadly despite having shoulder length hair. I guess I could have showed them my driver’s license but then I would give away my identity and personal information and I could have lifted my daughter in the webcam but it’s a 18 plus chat room so I couldn’t. Besides under age kids have babies too and how would they know she is my daughter, not my baby cousin or sibling or friend’s child. I left the chat room and will be back on Tuesday and hopefully there will be different people there. It would be funny if I do get banned from the group on the webpage for being “underage” despite that I have been posting in it and in other places on there and it’s pretty obvious I am an adult and I do this blog unless they want to think this is all fake and that I am some troll because of my young looks. I have been posting online since the year 2002 so long time members in the AB/DL community know me and know I am for real and I only recognized a couple people there I knew and one of them I used to be online friends with but we lost in touch somehow. He just stopped coming online and I have seen him at ADISC now. Instead of being insulted, I took it as a compliment. Plus a few people have commented online I look boyish. The only reason why people know I am a woman is because of my boobs and my voice isn’t deep and I have no facial hair. I was a tomboy as a child too. I guess I could have showed my chest on webcam to prove to them I am a woman or show them my pussy but I don’t think that is allowed in the chat room, same as showing your kids because they’re underage.


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