Changing my husband

I came home from work and I brought the recycling to the curb for tomorrow and I took off my shoes and went inside. I left my purse in the kitchen and went down to the basement for a diaper change. I had leaked so I had damp spots on the back of my jeans and my husband changed me. He took off my jeans and took my wet diaper off and put a fresh one on me and then he laid down and had me change him. He still had on that Bellissimo and it was very very wet. I took it off and rolled it and put a Tena on him and then we cuddled up. He kept it on for me to change because he knew I would like it. Then I put my pants on again and took the diapers upstairs and put them in the trash and emptied it and took it to the outside trash bin. Then I grabbed my purse and I had brought home a balloon for my son I found in the trash at work but I accidentally popped it when I tried picking it up. Oh well. I just lft the pieces on the counter since I didn’t put in a new trash liner.

Later in the evening after I had watched Dr. Phil and was on the computer, my husband called me and told me to come on down and bring the wipes. I knew what he did so I grabbed the wipes and headed down there. I grabbed another clean Tena from the laundry room (we keep my husband’s diapers in trash bags) and took it to his room and he was laying on the bed. I took off his diaper and he held his legs in the air and I cleaned him up. The mess wasn’t bad. It was a small spot but it was all over but it wasn’t bad and I used the diaper to wipe it off and then I used the wipes. Then I rolled the diaper up and taped it closed and put the clean diaper under him and taped it closed. Then we had sex and he had to take my diaper off so I was on top of it and he had his penis out of his diaper again. Then I played my game again I got from Gamefly. I decided the game was boring because all I do is go around and fight enemies and it’s like none stop and it gets boring so I put the game back in the sleeve and back in the envelope and closed it to return tomorrow in the mail box.

Now to decide what to get on ebay using my ebay bucks. I was thinking of Cut the Rope Triple Treat. I would have to spend a little bit of our money for it.


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