Diapered husband

I walked in the bathroom this morning to throw away a leaky diaper made by my daughter. She leaked on me and on my bed so I changed her and when I opened the bucket, I saw my husband had pooped his diaper and no wonder he had to shower. I was too tired to change him. The whole bathroom stunk of poo all of a sudden after I had opened it and my mom was in there putting on make up for work. She said “Pee ew, a poopy diaper” and I said “That came from the bucket.” Then I had to get dressed so I put my daughter in her crib and left my son in his room and I stuck the toddler lock back on my door and got dressed. I didn’t let him in my room until I had pants on. I probably should have changed because I realized my diaper smelled of urine as I was getting shoes on my son and then I took him to school leaving his sister with her dad. I dropped him off and stopped at two McDonalds for streetpasses and I get six each time. That is the way Nintendo set it, six Miis from all over the world I read. I still have six more to play with but I decided to take a break from playing.

I came home and went straight to the basement and my husband wanted me down there anyway and told me to take her because he had to pee. I picked up another Bellisimo instead and waved it in the air and he said “ooooo.” I stuck our daughter in the play pen and my husband took off his jeans and I unfolded the diaper and he helped me put it under him and I taped it on him as he held it down for me so I can get it tight. Then he peed it and I watched and it was a turn on. Then he changed me and my diaper smelled bad of urine and I didn’t know it smelled that bad until it was taken off me and he put a clean one on me and then we cuddled up in our diapers. Our daughter was looking at us and I said to her “You will forget all about this.” Then soon she started fussing and my husband said she is hungry so our fun time was over. I put my pants on and took her upstairs with the trash with my diaper in it and set it in the garage for now. I took it out later when I had her in her high chair and gave her part of a muffin and took out some recycling. My husband came upstairs to fill a bottle with water for coffee so he could wet his diaper more and because he drinks coffee every morning. He had his jeans back on. He sure wouldn’t want to be caught in one by my dad. I am sure my mom thought the poopy diaper was mine in the bucket. I didn’t really look at it when I threw the other diaper away in there. My husband said it leaked because he had diarrhea.

I probably should order some Bellimos sometime for my husband, either in large or extra large. They both fit him fine.


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