Spam Attack

For the past two days, one of the forums I go to has been under attack with Korean spam. With shortage of mods, they can’t keep up with it and they do pages and pages of it and it makes it hard to use the forum. The mods don’t have the right tools to nuke it all off at once and they can’t do IP bans because they were told not to by the admin because in the past they have, it would ban other members instead. We did get more mods recently and they still can’t keep up. I am thinking about quitting the forum hoping this will all pass because this is too much and now graphic images are being posted. I wonder why that forum is under attack.

Here is an update, it turns out it was done by a banned member because he sent all the mods a PM about it. He wasn’t getting his way so he started spamming like crazy because they wouldn’t do his wishes. I wonder who it is but I doubt they will say so I won’t ask.


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