So Diapered Together

The Bellissimo samples came so I waited until my daughter was asleep before I took my shower and went to the basement. I told my husband to get on the bed, the diapers came. He got off his computer and laid down and I took his pants off. I pulled them down and he had to help me slide the diaper under him because he was too heavy for me to lift his legs and butt off the bed. Then I taped it shut and it was nice and tight and thick. Then I had him pull his pants back up and we snuggled together. The thought of my husband peeing in it turned me off. I couldn’t tell he had it on through his jeans. He got turned on so he got up and pulled his penis out off his diaper and took his pants off and took mine off and undid my diaper and had sex with me. We had to have the blanket between us so I wouldn’t have to feel his bare legs on my skin. Then after we were done, he taped the diaper back on me and I saw I had cummed all over his diaper so I had him wipe it off using a pair of his underwear. Then he pulled his jeans back up and started peeing and I watched a dark spot form on the front of his diaper. Then he put my Hello Kitty pants back on me and we snuggled some more. It was fun having a diapered husband. I told him he was not allowed to take it off and it stays on him. Then we got up and he went back to his computer and I played Hyrule Warriors I just got from Gamefly. I just go around and fight enemies and I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to be doing and then I got defeated. My husband peed his diaper again while I was playing but it wasn’t a big one. He told me he wasn’t holding it and I told him he had to be careful because if he does that too often, his bladder will shrink and he would then have to go all the time. Then I went upstairs when I was done with the game. I reminded my husband to keep his diaper on and to not take it off. I will check on him in a couple hours to see if he had peed more. I think we should do this more often, wear diapers together.


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