Prices jacked up again

AB Universe is back so I checked it out and they have raised the prices on the diapers. $129.99 on Sissies and Super Dry Kids, the Cushies are $139.99 and the cloth like ones are $159.99 and it’s all for a case of 80.

I am just too cheap to spend this much on a pack of 80. What do I expect, it’s by a new owner now and new team.

On Bambino, when I ordered two cases of 48, it cost me about $127 and it was 96 diapers total I got. Now that the sale is over, it would be $142.08 for 96 Classico diapers so what is cheaper? I would be getting 16 diapers less with ABU if I order from them but it would still be lower price and I am not sure how much shipping is.

I will just stick with medical diapers and every now and then I will get AB diapers if I ever find a good deal on them. I can always make my own AB diapers as I have before, just put stickers on them and put mailing tape over it to keep them on.


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