My son recently got into Minecraft so he has been watching it on youtube so I decided to get him the game from Redbox. I showed it to him after I picked him up from school and he was real excited about it. I had to download it onto our PS3 system and while he was playing it, my husband worked in the garden while I left my daughter in her crib to take her nap and I had already nursed her. I did some cleaning instead in my husband’s room because it was disgusting, trash piled up by the door, bunch of dirty dishes on the dresser and dirty clothes so I did something about it. Not a healthy environment for kids to be in so I got a couple trash bags and took out the trash first and sorted it out outside and tossed the rest in the big garbage bin. Then I took up the dirty dishes and my husband was in the house by then in his room playing on his computer. He asked me to come to him and then he asked in my ear if I was being a mommy and I said no because his room is filthy and it’s not good for the kids so I am cleaning it. I took many trips (I didn’t count) up the stairs bringing up dishes and putting them in the dishwasher and turning it on and I brought my husband’s clothes to the laundry room and I was about to vacuum when he decided to hold me in his arms, he felt that was appropriate to do around a child. Then we cuddled in bed and I put a blanket over us so he can rub my crotch so our son wouldn’t see. We talked quietly so he couldn’t hear us and then he decided to change me so we left our son down here alone and I told him we would be right back. We headed up to my room and I finally put the toddler knob on my door again to keep my son out. He can take those things off but he doesn’t have the patience to do it so it works for my room. I laid on the bed and my husband took my pants off and took my diaper off and wiped around my pubic area and my butt. He rubbed it around my girl part and then he put a clean diaper under me and taped it closed and then checked on our daughter while I got my pants on again and went back to cleaning while my husband rocked our daughter to try and make her go to sleep. Then when I was done cleaning down here and doing the laundry, I went up to my room to get the computer and my husband was on my bed rocking her and he told me she was not going to sleep. I decided to just let her stay up because at least she is rested. I brought her down here and let her play around and gave her bunny rabbit crackers for a snack.


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