Gardening in Diapers

It’s another nice day out and I had promised my husband I would help him in the garden. He goes out there to plant the tiny pots with seeds planted in them and I had to get my son dressed. I had to get dressed too but he wouldn’t give me any privacy so I told him if he doesn’t leave, I won’t be able to get dressed and he can’t go outside then. He just keeps crying and I wait and wait. Then I decide I will just put his shoes on him and send him outside and I will get dressed then so I did that and locked the back door because his dad is out there and I leave my daughter in her crib and I get dressed. Then I take her outside with me and I put her in her exercauser and I go to the garden. She was crying on the porch so my husband and I carry the thing to the lawn and set it down and she still cries. She wanted to be held. I could hear my diaper when I squat down and plant and I only got a row planted and then my mom comes home and she decides to hold out baby while we work. Then my mom says she is tired and I remember it’s her nap time and I had lost track of time because I got distracted by the garden thing so I quit and nursed her and sit next to my mother and she rubs my head. I had been craving her lately for love. My son just ran around in the yard and watched his dad working and then he played in the sprinkler hose (one of those hoses that sprays out water) and then he stripped naked to his underwear and played in the water still. Then it was time for lunch so I go inside with his sister and I set her down and I rinsed my son’s feet in the kitchen sink and I use the towel to dry them off and wiped the dirt spot off his leg. I wet my diaper while I was rinsing them. I felt the sudden urge when I ran the water and I just kept rinsing them while I peed like nothing was happening. Then he got his pajamas and I put them on him and I made him cheese and crackers and I gave my daughter some yogurt balls and a strawberry and I had to vacuum up the mess my son made with his crackers. Now she is taking a nap and I had given her a bath and put a different outfit on her because she dirtied her other one. This time it was a dress I put on her I wore when I was a baby. My parents mostly put dresses on me as an infant and little toddler. Lot of my old baby clothes I find, most of them are dresses. I wore pants too so very few of them are pants and one piece clothing that are like rompers.

Long day today, I got up early and so did my kids. Longer days means getting up early. That means it seems like the day goes on forever before I have to go to work. My husband also got a new phone because the other one fried. We had to use our savings and a smartphone is no luxury because he needs one for GPS due to his disability.


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