Changing in the public restroom

I don’t often have to change when I am out in public but I probably should start changing my diaper before work because my Molicares have been leaking on me. I still like them though. It must be a bad batch I have. I get off the train and right when I stand up, I feel a wet spot below my bottom and it wasn’t there when I got on and I never wet it on the train. It was just a tiny wet spot and I don’t think anyone noticed. I had on dark blue jeans and a long work shirt. I head to the mall and walk into Macy’s and I use the restroom there. I nearly walk into a lady and she jumped and I say “sorry” and she goes “shit I didn’t see you, you scared me.” I just kept heading in the restroom not even caring if she was mad or what or if her swear word was directed at me. I head into the handicapped stall and no one was in the restroom. I still feel a little nervous every now and then when I change in a public restroom with stalls. I hang my purse up and lift my shirt and pulled down my jeans and take the diaper off and it was very wet. I leave it on the toilet and I wipe my bottom with toilet paper and stick it in the toilet and take out a Tena and put it on and pull my pants back up and then I roll up my diaper and tape it shut and stick it in the sanitary napkin bag since there was no trash can in the stall and I carried it out with me and stuck it in the wastebasket where used baby diapers go and it was empty. I stick my diaper in there and it was in the sanitary napkin bag and I washed my hands and left. Then someone else came in the restroom after I had walked out. That experience wasn’t bad. Then I spent my 50 minutes at the bookstore reading on my Nook and playing part of my Streetpass Plaza. I conquered another country and earned another plaza ticket.


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